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Miracles: It's really happening

The time has finally come, and I have seen it coming for awhile. The dreams have been getting stronger, and last night the Tarot even confirmed it. My husband and I are having a baby! It is a long story, yet you as my friends and family needed to get the news. So in this post I will be going over the whole story, and how it led up to us finally being able to have our own biological child together!

Some of you may remember back in one of my earlier journal posts when I mentioned that I was given up back when I was two years old, along with my brother and sister, by our biological parents. It was a very toxic environment, and to make a long story short, we were abandoned in an old apartment building, only to be found by police days later. Anyhow, my sister Tasha, brother John and I were raised in foster homes and orphanages until I was 6 years old, at which point we three were separated and placed into different homes, never to hear or speak to each other again for many many years.

Tasha and I were like twins, literally. She was only about nine or ten months older than me. We were identical, could read each others minds, and were inseparable. We had grown protective over each other being in all those homes, so when we were separated from each other without even getting to say goodbye, it broke a part of my spirit that I didn't ever feel I would get back. I had found Tasha again when I was twenty years old, and went to see her when my ex-wife was pregnant. She lived in Arizona. We visited with her for about a week, then came back home. That would prove to be the last time I spoke to her for over a decade. She ended up getting involved with the wrong people and sent to an Arizona prison for something she didn't do. She has been there every since.

Anyhow, I had recently started having dreams of my husband and I having a child, yet the weird thing was my sister Tasha was the surrogate. I pushed this out of my mind because this was impossible, my sister and I weren't in each others lives, and I hadn't even talked to her in twelve years. I kept having those dreams, and in every single one my sister was the surrogate. I started talking to my husband about these dreams, and that was when I realized these weren't dreams, they were premonitions. As mentioned earlier, my sister and I had been like literal twins back before we were separated. We could read each others minds. I strongly knew she was calling out to me. She didn't know where I was, she didn't know who I was - but all she knew was I was alive and she was reaching out to me.

This led me to look up the prison where she is staying in Arizona. After finding her, I sat and wrote a letter to her which I sent off the next day. A week goes by and I get a letter back from her. In this letter she told me she has been having the dreams too, she knows this is her calling, she knows this is her purpose. She told me she knows she is going to surrogate for my husband and I when she gets out of prison, which will be next September. The strangest thing about all of this, is I had felt it too. I knew she was having those dreams, because I was having them too. She knew I was going to reach out, just like I knew she was calling out to me. She ended up being able to call me where we can talk about 15-30 minutes per day. It is intimidating to me to say the least, because after everything we have been through, and after the world tried so hard to banish us from each others lives, how am I supposed to catch up for a lifetime of experiences? I didn't know what to say, and neither did she. We just knew that our family was brought back together for a reason, she was in my life for a reason, and she wants to give my husband and I a child of our own.

This is super important, because as you know, we are both males, both legally married, and adopting is such a long dramatic process, getting attached to a child not knowing if you can really adopt them. We have always wanted our own blood line, someone to carry on our legacy. Tasha and I were having the same dreams, and she is having our child! What better gift is there than the gift of life? That is unconditional love, and my sister and I never lost that mental connection. After twelve years of not seeing, writing or talking to each other, out of the blue she is back, and is the surrogate for my child. I never thought or felt that I would be able to give my husband a biological child until the dreams started, and now it is manifested into my world.

I rarely consult the Tarot cards, I find my abilities are just as good without them, however last night my husband and I wanted to really have confirmation. He felt this is real, I feel it is real, my sister knows its real - yet why not right? So I did the typical Tarot spread. The first card was the card of getting an important message. The second card literally confirmed a pregnancy. The third card represents a positive outcome. The fourth card represented my career and confirmed it is secure. The fifth card represented our fears, which is not being good enough parents, and the sixth card represented support. In all my years I have never had such a direct Tarot reading, it was quite amazing!

This just goes to prove that even the impossible can happen. Miracles do happen, and I wanted to share this special moment in my life with you to show you that all we have to do is have that dream in our hearts, and anything can happen! So have a positive day, smile, take in a huge breath of fresh air. There is everything in the world to look forward to, and even through bad situations, there is always light.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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