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My experience solving a murder mystery as a psychic..

It was March of 2018, and I was working a case for the local law enforcement. I have been aiding with law enforcement for many years - ten at the very least - with missing persons, stolen vehicles and things like that.

I was hired to find a missing woman that had been reported lost for at least 4 years at that time. Nobody had any leads. To retain my safety, I have used the name 'Sandy' for her in this article.

This was a big case - it was reported in every local media station at the time. I have always been sensitive to energies. When someone is going to pass soon, I see this cloud over them. When someone is in danger, I just feel it like a fog in the air. The same thing applies to spirits - I feel them. I see them. I can hear them. Most importantly - I can connect to them.

So, I was hired to do some digging in this case by a private party, which turned out to be a documented legal case. I had to find her - along with whoever was responsible for her disappearance. This case has not yet as of this day been made to the public, so I am not able to give the real names of anyone involved, I hope you understand.

So when connecting to the energy of ' Sandy', I immediately knew that this was not a living person we were looking for, this was a case of a body retrieval. I am experienced in searching for missing people, and I know immediately as a psychic when one is alive, and when one is dead. This one was dead.

So I reached further ... I saw a pig pen. I saw drugs. I saw that this woman was murdered on a junk yard, in a remote area of this USA state. Again, I can't give specifics right now to the public. I did a remote viewing session, targeting 'Sandy'. I immediately saw that she had seen something she was not supposed to see. This was a drug deal. Things got bad in my vision.

This man, her murderer who I will call 'Chris' in this post, had taken a shovel to her head. She knew too much. He then started to dismember her and feed the remains to the pigs in the stall. The pigs ate for what seemed like hours in my vision, and what they didn't eat, he picked up.

The remains such as the teeth were then drove about ten miles away and buried under a random desert bush. That was that - nobody had ever knew anything.

This was until I connected. I saw all of this clearly, reported it to the agencies that hired me, and these remains were able to be recovered. This is still an ongoing case - yet these are the remains of 'Sandy' - and the murderers are in the process of being put in prison for life.

This is one example of many cases that I have worked for - and it goes to show you that energy is very real. 'Sandy' led me right to her body, and the family is finally able to rest.

Remote viewing is just one of my gifts - I have helped track down many lost people, animals and items, so if you ever feel you need my help, click here to book a session, and share this article with your friends and family.

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