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Natural Empath: How to shut it off

Being an empath is very special. It's one of the stronger spiritual abilities that exist yet as fun as it may sound to have, it's not always easy. If you're familiar with what an empath is, then you'll know an empath picks up on the energy and emotions of those around us. Going out into public and being so overwhelmed with all the energy around you that it causes you to freeze up, become weak, become agitated and so forth. Not a pretty picture. My empathy is so strong I have to hire shoppers to go into town for me to do my shopping. I simply can't do it which is common among those of us who are empaths. In today's article I want to go over different methods that you can use to shut that empathy off. To become more balanced in terms of your energy and stop absorbing the negative energy around you.

When you are sensitive to other people's energy that are around you, it can be difficult understanding if that energy is yours, or if it's coming from someone else. I find it useful in these situations to really focus on that energy or emotion that is coming to you. When you do this it becomes easier to tell where it's coming from. Being able to differentiate the energy around you helps you realize what in fact belongs to you and what doesn't. So focusing on the feelings is a way to stop the flow of the energy coming to you.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation where you're just absorbing all the energy around you and it becomes too much to deal with ground yourself. Focus on one thing - touch something - read the label on a product if you're in a store. Really hone in on one thing in particular. This helps cut off that extra static around you and helps you balance out. Another way to ground yourself is to put your feet solidly on the floor or ground. You can be wearing shoes, yet it works better when you're not. Visualize roots coming from your feet - shooting into the round. Visualize that energy that is coming to you to go down through those roots. What this does is clears if from your energy field allowing you to not be so overwhelmed by the amount of energy coming to you.

Self awareness is very important when you’re sensitive to others feelings and energy. Don’t be afraid to make it known that you need to have alone time to spend with your own emotions. Focus on the things that trigger you in a negative way and become aware of what brings you peace and happiness. When you’re more aware of your own feelings, triggers and moods then it’s easier to tell when you are picking up on someone else’s energy. This enables you to come up with different ways to process emotions that do not belong to you without absorbing them. It’s a very helpful method to stopping that empath flow when you need to.

I use many different methods to keep other people’s energy away from mind - to stop them from intertwining. An effective method includes visualizing a glass wall between both you and the other person. This glass wall allows you to see the other person's emotions - yet the emotions are never able to penetrate that wall. When the energy or emotions hit the wall, they will bounce back to the other person instead of coming to you. Sure, you can still see and acknowledge the feelings but you won’t absorb them which is the important part. This also works wonders in large crowds too as I’ve used it countless times. Just visualize yourself surrounded by that same glass wall as you move through public. Yes, you may notice their energy yet you don’t have to take it on as your own - it cannot get through the wall.

Another way doesn’t have anything to do with visualizing. A powerful method for empaths to help protect themselves from absorbing someone else’s bad mood is to be curious about it. Ask them questions about what they are going through. Being curious about the other person can help you separate what they’re feeling from what you’re feeling. Gaining an understanding of what the other person is experiencing and why they are experiencing it can keep your own feelings separate, no matter how empathic you may be. This process will also help you two become closer along with giving you a better understanding of your feelings as well.

It’s important for the empath to have strong boundaries. It’s natural for you to understand and empathize with others, yet you can just as easily become a dumping ground for other people’s negative emotions. It’s important that you know yourself and what you are and are not able to handle. You may need more time alone than some other people just to feel energized. Some people in life are particularly draining for you as well so you have to learn to limit your time being around these specific people. This way you can have effective boundaries, and limit your exposure to the ones who drain you constantly.

Even if the methods above have been used, strong empaths may still absorb that negative energy or emotions around them. When this happens, you can picture leaves floating down a stream. See yourself writing down the feeling you just absorbed onto that leave. As the leaf flows down the stream and out of sight, the feeling goes with it and you’re left with the calmness of that flowing water. Next time you are picking up on unwanted emotions or energies, do this and see if it’s helpful.

Being an empath is a special gift that helps you connect with other people and animals. The key though to being empathetic without the negative side effects is to maintain a very strong sense of self. If you’re an empath and find yourself absorbing this negative energy around you - then try the ideas mentioned above. That way your compassion, self understanding and your healing energy will always shine through.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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