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Natural Witch: Are you one?

You often find yourself feeling as though you are not living the life you were meant to be living. You feel that you are constantly being pulled to something, you just can't quite figure out quite what it is. Have you ever perhaps thought that you may in fact be a natural witch? Being a natural witch doesn't mean that you are casting spells, practicing witchcraft or cursing people. A lot of natural witches don't really do any of those things.

A witch to say the least is a very wise person who is in tune with their inner self, their inner strength, power, energy and spirituality. A witch can be male or female, it doesn't matter. Throughout history male witches have been called warlocks, wizards and mages. I see the term witch to be asexual - it can refer to both sexes. Some witches have psychic powers, others may have other spiritual abilities. Most witches realize that the world of the dead and the world of the living are so close you can touch them. A natural witch is not afraid of the dark, but welcomes it. A natural witch loves to be around babies and animals, it brings a sense of light and happiness into their lives. At the same time, babies and animals love the natural witches energy, and will strive to be around them.

As a natural witch myself, I don't practice witchcraft. I am not a Pagan or Wiccan. I do not sit around casting spells, enchantments, curses or chanting. Nothing like that. My lifestyle is very much natural. My house has a million plants (not literally but it feels like it). I have almost every type of herb you can think of. I do light candles. I love growing herbs. I love crystals, working with energy, and I am very spiritual, but never religious. I do cast spells, yet those are ones I write myself, and I don't even do that very often. So you see - being a natural witch doesn't mean you have to broadcast it to the world, or even change the way you are living at all. It is just becoming one with yourself, and who you truly are. In this article, I want to talk about some signs that you may in fact be a natural born witch, and if two or more apply to you, then the odds are you are one!

The first and most common sign of a natural witch is the fact that you just feel it in you. You have always been drawn to the mystical and spiritual side of life. You love a good mystery. You can feel a power running through your veins - you just know it. You want to learn to tap into this inner power - you know you can. This is a huge sign of a natural witch.

The second sign is the fact that thinking about being a natural witch makes you feel like some part of you on the inside is literally re-claiming a piece of your heritage, you are becoming the true you and you can't help but being excited about it. Every part of this just feels right to you, and you are going to dive head first into learning more about yourself. This is your natural inner power leading you right to the exact path you are meant to be on.

The third sign of being a natural born witch is having a finely tuned intuition. You have always had it now that you think about it, but lately is getting stronger. You just know things, and they actually happen. This is a very common power of natural born witches, and can be really developed into something much more amazing than it currently is. Not all witches have this power, and just because you may not have it doesn't mean you aren't a natural witch - yet at the same time, having it is a strong indicator you are a natural witch.

The fourth sign that I want to talk about today is the fact that when you are experiencing intense emotions, such as anger, fear, excitement, shock and so on, strange things start to happen. Lights may flicker, something may fly off the counter (which has happened to me several times), electronics either start freezing up or go out completely, and things like that. These are all signs of untapped power. We each have our own special powers, some of us have more than one, however the common thing is they all surface when not in control at peak emotional phases in our lives. If these are happening to you, you are a natural born witch.

The fifth sign is the fact that you prefer your food to be fresh, not processed. Any food that isn't fresh just smells and feels dead - it makes you uncomfortable. This doesn't mean that you are a strict vegan, it only means that fresh food has a better energy to it, and you can feel it. Anything else you would just not really go out of your way for. This is a sign in natural witches because we can feel the energy around us, and this includes the food we eat. We realize that our bodies have a certain vibration, and putting things in it that aren't fresh throws off that vibration, and therefore clogs our energy. The point is, we like our food fresh. It is a huge sign in a natural born witch.

The sixth sign that I want to mention today is the fact that you love nature. You feel the most at home when in it, and you want to surround yourself with it as much as possible. Me personally, as mentioned earlier in this article, I have a gazillion plants in my home - and they are growing so incredibly fast. My dream has always been to live in an indoor jungle. I love nature, crystals, fountains - anything that keeps that vibe of nature around me. This is common in natural born witches - we carry that power of nature inside of us, so surrounding our lives with it really makes us feel powerful and right at home.

The seventh sign today is the fact that you are very observant of your own feelings, the omens around you, the vibes around you and the overall way things are going. These are things that you don't necessarily try to focus on, you just naturally are observant and aware. This is important because without knowing it, you are already grasping your inner power. Noticing the signs and omens around you is a vital part to life because everything has energy - a pattern - or vibration. By paying attention to these things, often times you can predict the situations from happening - again, a strong indicator you are a natural witch.

The last sign that I want to talk about today is just the feeling of inner strength. You have been through rough times and you know it - yet through it all, deep inside of you there was a power that kept you safe and alive, it kept a spark inside of you that prevented you from giving up. When you wanted to give up, you always found strength. When you felt everything was crashing down around you - something good would happen all of the sudden that would give you hope. In all of the bad things, there was always something good that happened from it. This is your inner power, which is very real, protecting and guiding you. It is a natural gift that is commonly found in natural born witches.

So you see, being a natural born witch doesn't make you evil, doesn't mean you are going around cursing people, whipping out your book of shadows, brewing up a potion, summoning demons or flying on a broom. Your skin isn't going to turn green. Being a natural born witch is truly a special thing, and is a heritage that is worth embracing. Once you become your true self, live honest to yourself while being yourself, it is a truly enlightening experience that will change your life. If two or more of the signs I talked about today apply to you, then odds are you are a natural born witch. What now? I would suggest researching and learning as much as you can. Knowledge is power, so awaken yourself to the energies around you.

There are several top of the line books on witches and witchcraft here on my platform that you can look into. I personally own each and every one. I have them for research purposes. I collect as many books as I can - learning as much about everything that I can - which is again, another sign of a natural witch! You can find those books by clicking here.

So, are you a natural witch? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends!

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