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Negative People: How to break free from them

One of the things you will never be able to escape in life are negative people. They are everywhere and we all fall victim to at least one in our lifetime. It's hard to push the things they say away. It's hard to try to be positive and live a healthy life when there is that one person hellbent on making your life hell. In today's article I wanted to dive into how to handle your life when you are being attacked by someone who wishes you only harm. We all have an untapped strength inside of us. It is dormant, waiting for the time we need it the most, and I can honestly tell you that you're stronger than you know. None of us deserve to have our life attacked. None of us deserve to have a dark shadow cast over our life and when you have someone calling you names, putting you down, wishing you harm, ruining things you've worked so hard to just out of spite, that's when you know you've got to take action.

I recently had an encounter with one of these people who quickly became a very violent person. Her name is Diana and she reached out to me on Fiverr. She had wanted to contact the spirit of her uncle who had passed away when she was a child. No problem, I do things like this all the time and had typed up a pretty in-depth and detailed session for her. She told me thank you, that I did a good job and was very accurate, yet went ahead and left a bad review (see below) only because she expected the reading to be longer. Keep in mind I had just received a compliment from her privately. She's just someone who can never find happiness because she is so unsettled in herself. It's easier for her to fight with other people, because at least it means she doesn't have to face herself, and the pain inside of her.

Anyhow, I blocked her on Fiverr and left it at that. I am not going to continue giving someone readings when they rate poorly just to rate poorly. It's protecting my business, which is something she just finds impossible to understand. She hunted me down online, found me here on my website, and initially had apologized, saying she had felt horrible about what she did, and asked if I would unblock her on Fiverr. While I do understand people say things they don't mean when their anger gets out of control, I also understand at the same time that blocks are in place for a reason. If someone does something once, more than likely they will do it again and I have been warned from other Fiverr sellers that she has been known to have an anger issue. Her account was already flagged but I took on her session anyways. I explained to her that when a block is placed on Fiverr, they don't let you remove it. What's done is done and I am sure they have that rule implemented for a reason.

I in no way told her that she couldn't secure a session with me here on my platform, I just explained I couldn't unblock her on Fiverr, which is beyond my control. My goodness, you would have thought I murdered her dog or something. She immediately flipped into calling me every name, making fun of my orientation, threatening my life and the life of my family, threatening to take down my business - saying I don't know who I'm messing with. This woman Diana didn't stop there. After letting her know her words are being forwarded to my legal department, she messaged again telling me to protect my family because I won't be able to save them from her. This is a woman that needs more help than a psychic can give. She needs mental help if just a simple block threw her off the deep end. My website is ran through the Wix platform, so I always have that help on my end with things like this. I had to forward her threats to Wix, who was able to track down her location through her IP address, and charges have been filed. Some people are just so negative that they react this way to take the attention off of them. Off of what they have been through. Off of the anger they have from their past. She needs help, and I feel bad she has all that anger inside of her.

It is not okay to attack someone else, ever. Yet it is okay to defend yourself. I handled this situation pretty well, because my family means the world to me. This woman, Diana, was downright threatening their life. I keep reminding myself she is mentally unstable and she's a very lonely person if she has to treat other people like this. She has been banned from contacting my platform period, Fiverr has been made aware of her, and legal action is being taken. I am pushing a lot of energy to her, healing energy mostly but also the energy that she be put away in a hospital, forcefully if needed until she can get on medication and receive intense therapy.

The point is people like this are everywhere, and odds are if you aren't being harassed by someone like Diana, then someone you know is. Stand up for yourself, don't be afraid of harsh words because that is their tool. That is how they get to you. Words can harm someone for life, and I can promise nobody has ever received good karma for doing bad things. Unfortunately I experience people like this all the time in my line of work, so I have learned how to handle situations like this.

First, realize the person treating you like crap obviously has issues. They have insecurities inside of them self or they wouldn't be treating other people like this. Second, realize that they are saying harmful and evil things with the pure intent of rubbing your nerves. They are doing this to push your buttons, to get a reaction and as long as you show no reaction, it makes them that much more pissed off. They aren't winning, they aren't getting a rise out of you so eventually they will move on to someone else who they can get that rise out of. It is important to take threats seriously, no matter what. The fact they are willing to say those things means they aren't afraid of the reprimand that comes with it. In my case with Diana, I didn't react negatively at all. I explained that the block was there for a reason, and I wished her the best. It could have ended there. I am sure she is bipolar, and I am sure I am not the only person she's ever threatened before. I am certain she has a long sad life ahead of her unless she changes. She will even end up in prison if she doesn't get that anger under control. You have to be the one that rises above it. Arguing with an unstable person just makes you as unstable as they are, if not more.

What it comes down to is first realizing who that negative person in your life is, I am sure it won't be that hard, then eliminating them from your life. Block them, get a restraining order if you have to but don't let their words affect your life. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, you are much stronger than you realize and you alone have control over your life. Don't allow yourself to be taken hostage by an abusive person. You can break free from it and when you do, you'll have that free safe security in your life again.

Do you know someone who needs to break free from an abusive person? Share this article with them, give them the strength to break free too!

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