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Number Synchronicity: What does it mean?

Have you started seeing 11:11 everywhere? What about other synchronizing numbers? Whether it's on the clock, on receipts, on license plates, on your phone - no matter what it's everywhere. The chance of this being a coincidence is lower than winning the lottery. This is happening for a reason and you're not crazy. The Universe has a way of sending us messages, subtle and not so subtle signs everywhere. There is a specific message behind these numbers and in this article I want to dive into it a lot deeper. My clients have been telling me they've been seeing these a lot lately, I feel many people around the world are, so grab a snack, and learn what message the Universe is sending to you.

Seeing double numbers is a gateway, and depending on that number the message coming from this gateway is opening. It always means some sort of awakening. I will go through each numbers one through twelve explaining what each means and in that explanation, the message you are receiving will be much clearer.

The number 0 (zero).

The number zero represents the realm of potential and has often represented the womb every since ancient times in every area of the world. It often represents the Universe, or God. If you are seeing these everywhere, or in doubles more specifically it is a message to you reminding you of your potential. That you have a lot to look forward to and to wake up. If you are seeing this it can often be seen as a wake up call to get back on track with your life, that you aren't alone and you have support on your side, that the Universe is pushing you to be the best you possible and a reminder that you have the potential in yourself to go very far in life.

The number 1 (one).

The number one represents leadership, confidence and strength. It also represents self empowerment and self discovery. Seeing the number one, including in sequence is always a message that you're on the right path. To keep pushing because success is imminent if you stay on the path you're on. It's a reminder that yes, life is hard but you're going to make it and when you see this it's telling you that you are doing the right thing at the right time and to be confident in yourself, because somewhere somehow you are making a difference in someone's life. This includes seeing 1:11, 11:11 or anything that is just too in your face to be coincidence.

The number 2 (two).

The number two represents duality. On one hand it can represent partnership, yet on the other hand it can represent conflict and opposition. It is a message that you should be listening to whether it's 22:22, 2:22, 22 and so on. This means you're feeling out of balance, that you need to re-evaluate the situation you are in because it just doesn't feel right to you. To listen to your heart opposed to your mind because the answer is already inside of you. When you are seeing these numbers in unison, it's just a warning to really think before you act, in efforts to make the right decision.

The number 3 (three).

The number three represents good luck, success, intuition, good fortune and so on. This is a good message to be seeing and has been a powerful number throughout every religion. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, The Mother, Maiden and Child and so on. The trinity is a powerful message and it's to let you know good things are about to come into your life. That help is on the way, that good fortune is about to fall on your path so when you see this, be happy! I am sure you've earned whatever good things the Universe is about to send into your path.

The number 4 (four).

The number four represents calmness, it represents solidity. It represents being rooted in the physical world and very much being in the 'now'. When you are seeing this such as 4:44 or you're seeing 4's everywhere and they stand out, it's a message to take your head out of the clouds. To calm down, to snap out of it so to speak. To be in the moment because focus is going to be required for you to get through the situation. To be calm about it though, because you wouldn't be getting the message if there wasn't a chance something was going to go in your favor.

The number 5 (five).

The number five represents adventure and freedom. It represents the physical senses, pleasure, enjoying life and trying new experiences. If you are seeing this number such as 5:55 or you're seeing 5's everywhere, this is a message to you that you have to go out and do something for yourself. That you've earned it, that you need to find pleasure for once because it's been a long time. To take a break basically. This is a good message to be getting, it means chill out because things are going okay, it's time for that massage!

The number 6 (six).

The number six represents the balance between the Earthly and the Spiritual realm. It's the number of clairvoyance, intuition, spiritual abilities. It's the number of a caretaker, someone who is constantly going out of their way to help other people and someone that others can look up to, someone that someone can rely on and when seeing it in sequence such as 6:66 or 666 it means you're waking up. It means you're going through a spiritual awakening, it is proving to you that there are others relying on you, to use your inner sight as a map in life, and to trust in yourself. It means you're a leader and you have a strong purpose. It means you're very intuitive and it's something you could develop further so when you are seeing this, no - it's not a sign of the Devil or evil, it's actually a positive sign to be seeing, it means you're special and to allow yourself to open up because it's time.

The number 7 (seven).

The number seven represents perfection, it represents luck and synchronicity. It says basically that these pieces in your life that you thought were falling apart are actually falling together. It means life is coming into a balance. Seven (7) represents completion hence the 7 chakras, 7 days of the week. It represents truth and understanding so when you are seeing this repeated such as 7:77, 777, 77 or however it is coming to you, it means things are coming together. To keep strong because you have support, that life is pulling together finally and that this is going to work out.

The number 8 (eight).

The number eight represents prosperity, financial abundance, determination, hard work and to keep going. It means that your efforts are not going to go unnoticed and that you're not wasting your energy. It means financial gain and balance is coming into your life. To keep strong, keep working hard and not give up because you're going to make it and you are definitely going to prosper. This is a great message to be seeing so if you are getting 888, 88, 8888 or anything of the such, good things are headed your way.

The number 9 (nine).

The number nine represents fulfillment, wisdom, self examination and higher consciousness. It is connected with your higher purpose, your ultimate life plan and it means that this dream you have, this vision that you've been putting so much thought into is going to manifest. It means to be smart, because everyone has to be careful what they wish for. That the mind is so much more powerful than anyone even knows, and thoughts literally create the reality around you. To examine yourself and prioritize your dream, because it's going to happen so be ready. That this is your life goal, your purpose and it's on it's way into your life so keep pushing and keep positive, this is a great message to be getting.

The number 10 (ten).

The number ten represents completion. It represents all the fragments in our minds coming together as one. It signifies the end to a depression, the sense of oneness with yourself, the sense of inner love. This could mean different messages depending on what you are going through in your life. It means that the feeling of being lost for so long is coming to an end, that you're about to find your path, or that you already have found your path. It represents a sense of wholeness in life so when this is seen repeatedly, it's a message of completion, a message that you've made it, that you're on your path and it's something to be proud of honestly.

The number 11 (eleven).

The number eleven represents a spiritual messenger, a message coming to you from the heavens. When seen it can mean different things depending on how it makes you feel in the situation you are in. On one end it can mean that you need to make an urgent change, that you've made the wrong choice and now you have to jump back on track. So if you find yourself in a situation where you are seeing eleven and you're already wondering if you made the right choice, look at how this makes you feel. If it makes you feel good you've made the right choice, if it makes you feel bad then you've made the wrong choice. On the other hand it can also represent destiny, ones life path. What are you doing when you see the elevens? Are you thinking about your path? If so, when you see this it means you're on the right path, that you're doing the right thing and to keep pushing, because this is your destiny. So you see, it can mean different things depending on what you're doing at the time. Always pay attention to how you are feeling when seeing this, as that is the message in itself.

The number 12 (twelve).

The number twelve represents creative expression. It is known as the all fulfilling number hence the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months in the year. It brings a fun wholeness in life so when you are seeing it such as 12:12 and so on, it means to be fun. To let your inner creativity out and just express your true self. That you are special and you deserve some attention so just be yourself, because you're on the right path, you just have to be more in-tune with who you are as a person.

So you see, different numbers can mean different things depending on when you see them. As you have learned, seeing the synchronicity's aren't always a bad thing, it's not always a bad message so when this is happening to you, just come back to this page to see what the Universe is telling you! Please know each one of you will always have my full support, and I'm wishing to each of you a safe week ahead.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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