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Old Soul: Signs you are one

Have you found that your whole life you’ve just felt more grown up, more responsible and more mature than other people your age? Have you always found that you’re simply not interested in things peers your own age are interested in? If so then you may be an old soul and trust me, that isn’t a bad thing.

Have you ever met a child that is just so much ‘older’ than other kids and I’m not talking about physically. A child who just fits in with adults better than they fit in with other children. People that are just so much more wise and when you look into their eyes you know they are just on another level than others. In today’s article I want to dive into old souls, along with signs you may be one.

The first sign that you may be an old soul is just the sense of knowing there is always another way to do things, you just have a feeling there is never harm in trying. You keep pushing through, even when you don’t want to because you just know that it’s going to work out. You know that sometimes simple is better, so things don’t often require an intrinsic solution. You live by the knowing if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it.

Another sign that you’re an old soul is you like to think things through, and not being able to think things through just leaves you feeling unsettled. It’s an important part of your process and it leaves you feeling more comfortable. Even after you have thought things through though, you don’t waste time asking the ‘why’s’. You have absolute trust in your intuition and the solutions you come up with. You know that you’ve done your part and you don’t have the patience to sit in efforts to justify yourself to anyone. You trust in yourself and your self trust usually always results in things going the right way.

A third sign that you’re an old soul is that you give advice way beyond your years, and you always have. You just seem to know how to do things, or have answers to questions you’ve never even had experience in. The knowledge just comes to you and people trust it. You don’t exactly know how you know these things yet the fact is you do. People trust you and have a way of opening up to you. You often find people telling you their life stories yet you’re okay with it - it’s always been this way. So if this is happening to you then you’re probably an old soul.

Another sign that you’re an old soul is you don’t like to go out just for the sake of going out. For you it’s always been quality not quantity. Don’t get me wrong, you love to go out and have fun, yet you don’t feel the need to do it just because someone else is doing it. You love nothing more than to stay home and do your own thing. You don’t need others in your life, and the ones you do choose to keep in it you value tremendously - you’d protect them with your life yet you don’t feel you have to surround yourself with many people to find happiness.

The fifth sign today that you’re an old soul is you have an appreciation for history, for old literature and such. Sure, you may not be religious yet books such as the Bible, Quran and other historical books are definitely on your shelf not for the spiritual side of it, yet for the history side of it. You can connect with it, you know it’s real even if it’s been stretched out of proportion - so anything historical such as historical figures, the pyramids and their history, things like that definitely are important to you. You might be an old soul if you find this is a description of you.

Another sign that you’re an old soul is you trust that everything happens for a reason. Yes, you used to stress out a lot more yet you find yourself coming more into the acceptance of everything, even the bad things because you know it’s all steering you to the path you’re meant to be on. You are mindful about what you spend your hours doing, and find that if you’re just sitting there doing nothing then you don’t feel productive. You’d rather be spending that time doing something worthwhile but you don’t get stressed about it. It’s more of an understanding it’s all happening, so accept it and do your part to manage through it.

The seventh sign that you’re an old soul is you value deep connections. When you love you love unconditionally and even though you may have your bad days, at the end of the day you’re not going to lose the people close to your heart. You’re protective and nurturing to these people. You don’t let many people in, but the people you do let in can trust you with their life. With you, it really requires a deep connection with someone in order to feel any connection at all yet again, it’s quality over quantity and you value the essence of these deep connections and you give yourself wholly to them.

The last sign out of many more that you’re an old soul is you don’t see the fuss about the latest craze going on. You don’t really need to have the things other people have to feel happy and you don’t feel the need to fit in, you don’t see a point in it. You’ve never understood the point in being a style chaser. Sure, you have a tablet or a nice iPhone yet it really just sits there. Your computer works just fine so that is what you use. You don’t really care how your life fits in with the latest trend because you do what makes you happy, you’d rather just be yourself because you know these other things don’t define you.

There are many more signs that you’re an old soul, such as you truly value the meaning of giving, and you’ll give even when the receiving hand has no idea who sent it. You know, and in your heart you want to do more. It’s not about what you get back and it never has. A simple thank you or nothing at all will do, it’s the knowing you helped someone and because of you their life is just a little brighter than makes all the difference. If these signs apply to you then yes, you’re an old soul and that is special. Spread the love, knowledge and openness with the world because it only takes one person to make a difference.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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