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Old Souls: Who are they - are you one?

The term old soul refers to a spirit that has had several incarnations, or lifetimes. They often are more isolated and alone. They are different, and they know it. They don't quite fit in with the world around them. An old soul has had many more experiences than in this lifetime alone, and they can feel it. They often feel a sense of disconnect from this world, and are much deeper thinkers than normal people. In today's article, I want to talk about some signs that you are an old soul.

The first sign that you are an old soul is the fact that you just aren't interested in what other's your age are doing. You have never fit in with your age group - you have always found that they are just too immature, and it's not that they are bad people, it is just that nothing they do interests you and you can't relate to them. You find that you are more comfortable around people that are much older and more mature. You fit in more around them, and find that the conversations with older more mature people just go much better than with people your own age. This is a major indicator that you are an old soul - much wiser than most from a spiritual sense of understanding.

The second sign today is you are on an independent path for the most part. Due to the fact that you just can't relate to people your own age, it has led you to realize the value of your own company. You find it difficult to make friends, because you just aren't interested. You are a very specific type of person, and you know exactly who you are. You find yourself alone but it doesn't bother you. You prefer the time to yourself - it is when you feel the most alive. This isn't a bad thing, your thoughts teach you a lot, and in return, you are wise. You learn from the mistakes of those around you, as well as your own mistakes, making you a force to be reckoned with.

The third sign today is the fact that you naturally thirst for wisdom and knowledge. The materialistic lifestyle is nice, and you don't mind having nice things, but you don't have to have them, like it isn't a priority. You prefer a good old book, or learning about the deeper things in the universe, such as history, spirituality and things like that. You are a sponge for wisdom, and you don't feel that you can ever learn enough. You collect books, you watch the History Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet and things like that. This is just who you are. You would rather watch Ancient Aliens over the Kardashians any day. If this is you, then you are probably an old soul.

The fourth sign that I want to talk to you about is the fact that you take the time to reflect on your own feelings and inner thoughts. This is important to you, and you learn a lot from it. Your spirit has had several life's, and in the process has learned many things. One of which includes paying attention to your own actions, and the actions of those around you. This is an excellent teacher for you and you learn a lot from it. You often sit and just think about everything, you find yourself doing it all the time. This is a huge indicator in old souls and really shows how wise you really are.

The fifth sign that I want to talk to you about today is the fact that you really do see a bigger picture in everything - and in life itself. When you are faced with troubles, yeah, they can be hard at times, but you realize that life is so much bigger than that one issue, and life will go on. You realize that you are connected to everything you want to align yourself with such as your dreams and aspirations, and that your thoughts create the world around you. The point is, you know in the very essence of your being that there is a grand design, and the smaller things don't really matter as much.

The sixth sign today is the fact that you realize life is short, and you want to make the most of it. You aren't perfect, none of us are, but you don't want to spend your time bickering, arguing, working yourself to the bone or being hateful - you now see the value in every second. You want to be healthier, more spiritually awake and connected to the universe, the sunshine makes you happy, you are motivated in the morning to go about your day. You really cease every second as if it may be your last. This inspires you to do great things in life and to have huge dreams that you actually reach for. This is a beautiful thing, and is a strong sign you are an old soul.

Last but not least, the seventh sign that I want to talk to you about today is you are naturally drawn to spirituality. Being spiritual doesn't necessarily mean being religious, it simply means that you are more interested and concerned with things related to the human spirit, opposed to physical or materialistic things. You know there is more out there, much more than you even realize. Your mind is constantly attracted to the deeper things in life, such as spiritual abilities, spirit communication, angels and even energy itself. You have always been attracted to these things since before you can even remember, and you have no reason to be this way, you just are and nobody can change it. You are proud of it.

There are many more signs of being an old soul, each one very special, yet if two or more of these apply to you here from my list today, then you probably are an old soul. How exciting right?! ...but what do you do now? Well, the answer to that is up to you, each old soul does their own thing, yet the common energy in all of it, is old souls want to make a difference. They want the world and all the people on it to grow spiritually as they are. Old souls are often in leadership positions due to their high energy. This can mean owning their own businesses which are usually based around helping people, or in a position of authority, such as a boss, leader, manager or supervisor. When they aren't in those positions, they still try their best to help. So if you are an old soul, start thinking about how you can use your deep sense of spirituality to help those around you! It is an exciting adventure and path to be on.

Are you an old soul? I'd love to hear about it! Leave your story in the comments below, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family - maybe they are old souls too!

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