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Past Lives: A journey into the past

A past life is a life that we lived before this current one. It is the belief that before we were born, our spirits had another body, another life in a different time and place. This belief dates back several thousands of years from all over the world. It is believed that traces of our past lives can come to us in dreams, visions, memories and regressions. In this post today I want to talk about not only some of the phenomena that may hold hints as to who we once were, but I want to give you a client story of mine that I found fascinating regarding past lives.

One of the ways our past lives try to make themselves known to us is through Deja Vu. Most of us have experienced that sensation of feeling what just happened has happened that exact same way before. It is a truly weird feeling - because for a second, you have seen this before - you have lived it. It can last for only a split second all the way up to hours. Some people live their whole lives with this feeling of just having lived it before. It is believed that these are memories from past lives.

Another way we experience past lives are through unusual memories. I used to have very distinct memories about certain things happening when I was growing up. I saw them very clearly in my mind. I would talk to my adopted mother about the things I was remembering, and she would swear up and down that they didn't happen. This was more than my imagination. Was I remembering things from a previous life? This isn't uncommon at all, and studies have found that people who have these strange memories often recite the same occurrences in a past life regression. It is very interesting.

The last sign of a past life that I want to talk about today are fears and phobias. Fears are a healthy part of life, they protect us from harm. Yet some people have fears and phobias that are just completely irrational such as water, birds, certain numbers, plants and so on. Most of the time there is literally no reason for them to have these fears - they are just simply afraid. To people that believe in past lives, these are fears carried over from a previous life. The fear of water perhaps was because you drowned in your past life - this is the way you died, and even in the next life, you are still scared of that specific thing. I hope that makes sense. These are all signs of a past life.

I have a client who I will call Nani in this post. Nani was an adult author who wrote books on the pilgrim times. Being out on the prairie, doing laundry in the creek, setting little traps for craw-fish. Her books were very successful and reached a large audience.

Nani had come to me for a past life reading because these images in her mind, the inspiration for her books was much more than day dreams. These things that she was seeing were as if they were really her, and it confused her. Nani told me that her mother had told her all her life that she was old fashioned. The way she talked to the way she dressed. It was just something not of this time.

In her past life reading, I did see that this most recent past life was in fact the prairie life. She had two children, both girls, and they lived in a village on the meadow next to a creek. I saw everything that she had told me quite clearly. The craw-fish, how her daughter Marie loved to play with them and would get sad when it was time to boil them for dinner. Nani used to take long walks into the forest by herself humming a specific tune.

Upon telling Nani these things from her past life, she got emotional. She said that she still goes for walks in the forest next to her home singing a specific tune. She has two daughters to this day - one hates seafood. Won't touch it at all, especially craw-fish. She was able to learn that these books of hers that she had written weren't just science fiction - they were real and she was writing about her past life. This of course made it all that much more special to her, and she now sees her books as a past life journal of sorts.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in life, and when it comes to past lives it is no different. You either believe or you don't and that is okay. My experiences have led me to the solid conclusion they are real, and we can learn a lot about ourselves by getting a past life regression. Life is so much deeper and more vast than you will ever realize. So get to know yourself a little better today - a past life reading is the perfect way!

Have you been experiencing deja vu, unusual memories, strange fears and so on? Perhaps you are remembering your past life - so next time you experience these things, try to find the deeper issue as to why they are happening to you. It could change the way you see your whole existence!

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