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Psychic Abilities: Do you have them?

Psychic ability is the ability to perceive people, objects, locations, or physical events via extrasensory perception. It is something that we all have the hardware to do. We are born with it. Some of us are programmed naturally with the ability to tap into these energies, while others need the 'programming' or guidance so to speak. In this article, I want to go over some signs that your abilities are either waking up or already awake! I would say that if these apply to you, you are definitely a natural talent!

The first sign I want to talk about is if you find you are just a natural good judge of character. You have a natural 'feel' of a person before you ever even need to get to know them. Often times this applies when you first meet them, before they ever even have to say a word. You just know if they are a positive or negative energy. This is a great sign that says your abilities are already awake and are something you can develop much further.

The second sign I want to talk about are orbs. If you find that most of the pictures you take or that are taken with you in them have orbs, you are most likely connected to the spiritual world. Orbs are a form of spiritual being, and are attracted to people that are awaken to their spiritual abilities. This is yet another great sign your abilities are waking up.

Another sign I want to talk about is shadows. They are everywhere, yet to someone who's abilities are waking up, these shadows are much more. You see them move. You see outlines in them. Personally, I see them in all shapes and sizes. Some are large that move across the wall. Some are small, like a shadow of an animal running by, but there is no animal. Seeing shadows of people but there is nobody there. Things like that. This is a great sign your abilities are waking up.

This sign is one that only the powerful talents experience. When you meet someone or are talking to someone and you immediately just get a glimpse of their life. You can feel if they are lying to you or if they are trust worthy. The things that they say portray themselves as an image in your mind and you can visualize it as you hear or read it. You just know if they are being honest or not. This is a special gift, a very useful one, and is yet another sign you have a strong gift.

The fifth sign I want to talk about involves animals. It seems that no matter where we go these days, there are animals everywhere. They have a natural sense of good people verses the bad people. People that have a natural connection to the other side carry a peaceful energy to them. If you find that animals are just attracted to you, they love you, you have never had an animal hate you - this means your gift is a strong one and they can feel it.

We all love babies. They are adorable and are naturally still connected to the energies and spirits around us that we can't see. Their innocence hasn't been taken from them yet, and when you are around them, they constantly are smiling at you. They can't take their eyes off of you no matter what - whether you are trying or not. Babies love you. Just another sign that you do in fact have these spiritual gifts. The most innocent on earth even see it. Great job!

This sign is one I hear about a lot through my clients and have experienced myself on a daily basis. You hear your phone go off. You don't even have to pick it up - you know if it is an email (and who the email is from). You know if it is a text and who it is from. If the phone is ringing, you have a natural sense of just knowing who it is. This is a powerful natural intuition, a very special one and if this happens to you, odds are you have quite a strong gift.

The eighth sign I want to talk about involves dreams. We all have them even if we can't remember them the next day. People that have a strong natural psychic gift often have dreams about things that actually tend to happen. One example is you will dream of someone knocking at the door, which is unusual because nobody ever comes to your house. So, the next day, someone knocks at your door. That is a psychic dream. It can happen in all different shapes and forms. Dreaming of an automobile accident and seeing one on your way to work the next day, or dreaming that the airplane you were scheduled to get on was going to have issues, only to find out it has been delayed or canceled. Things like this only prove that you do in fact have a strong psychic gift.

The last one I want to talk about takes you way back into your childhood. You had imaginary friends - but it didn't stop there. Not only did they have names, but they had detailed back-stories and you knew every detail about each one. This is a huge sign that you have a strong gift. Natural born psychics as children can't express what they are seeing and talking to. They don't know that other people can't see the things they are seeing, and even if they do - often times powerful talents don't care. You know that this friend is much more than just in your imagination - even if your parents and friends couldn't see it. This friend was real - and you know it. Your friend may have faded over time, but that happens. The fact you knew so much about your 'imaginary friend' lets you know that they were real.

Each and every single one of these signs is a great signification that you indeed are either awakening to your spiritual gifts, or have already awoken. It is always good to keep learning more, keep pushing, knowledge is power and the more you learn the more powerful you get. Even natural born abilities need to develop them, use them - because they are important to the growth of all of us. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, we all have the 'hardware' for these abilities, some of us are born with the natural programming while others need to be 'programmed' or taught them.

So if these signs are things you experience frequently, then you are definitely a powerful natural born. If they don't apply to you - no problem! It doesn't mean you don't have what it takes. Just learn more and start practicing. Abilities are like muscles, they get stronger when we use them often. Never give up and most importantly, never stop trying.

Share this article with your friends and family. Do you have a cool story about your psychic talents? I'd love to hear about it! Share it in the comments below.

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