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Psychic Children: Do you have one?

Have you ever seen your baby looking around the room as if following something you can't see? Have you ever noticed your child playing with someone that just wasn't there? Well maybe there really was something there, and maybe your child is naturally psychic! Psychic children are everywhere, and with their innocence, they are able to see things that we just can't see, hear things we can't hear and tap into energies most of us can't. In today's article, I want to talk about psychic children, and the signs that you have one!

The first sign of a psychic child is the fact they have an imaginary friend...only this friend isn't imaginary. They have a name, have a story, have a personality and your child really just knows too much about this imaginary friend for it to be fake. For example, my son is now twelve years old, however when he was younger, he had an imaginary friend named Chris. He would play trucks, go on imaginary hunts, climb trees, and do everything with Chris. He knew his whole story, from his parents names to where he lived. The only thing was, Chris had died many years ago, getting struck by a vehicle on the way to school. He never knew Chris - he had passed away long before we moved to the area. So if this is happening to your child - they are probably psychic.

Another sign that your child is psychic pertains to their vivid dreams. All of us dreams, yet it is the ones who vividly remember their dreams, especially the dream of being outside their body, that are most likely psychic. A lot of children have dreams of playing, or running, or being at school - and they may remember them for a little while. Yet the fact is most children forget their dreams. The sign of a psychic child is not only are they remembering their dreams with vivid details, yet they are usually of flying, or being outside of their body. This is a sign they are connected with the universal energies, and even if they don't know it yet, they have spiritual abilities which are really special, and should be encouraged not discouraged in any way. You don't want to put out this special flame that they have within themselves.

The third sign that you have a psychic child is they are a natural empath. Your child is naturally just amazing with animals - they are attracted to your child. They also just know when something is bothering you, or when you are sick. You will find them being extra gentle with you in times that you are stressed - and you never even told them anything was bothering you at all. This is a huge sign that your child is psychic, and this ability of theirs will only get stronger with age. They tend to be more alone, only due to the fact that empaths feel the energy and emotions around them. So if this is your child - they are psychic, and are very special. They should be handled more delicately, and their introvercy shouldn't be judged. This is just who they are naturally and it isn't wrong at all.

The fourth sign of a psychic child is you are finding that they just know things that they don't have any way of knowing. This can be anything really, such as they just know who is on the phone, even with no caller ID, or they just know where you guys are going when nobody told them. They may tell you something out of the blue and later that day it turns out happening. The possibilities are endless, but you are finding that they just know things and it is weird. An example of this is my family and I were planning a trip for my son to Disney World. We kept it very secret, he knew absolutely nothing about it. A week before he was planned to leave, he came up to me and told me he had a dream that he was going to Disney World, and he knew that we were leaving in a week. Some of the things he knows are amazing, he really takes after me in those ways. Psychic abilities tend to be genetic, so it didn't surprise me at all he had the gift as well. So if your child is just knowing things without a way to know them - they are psychic.

The fifth sign has a lot to do with some of the things I talked about in the fourth sign. Your child is probably psychic if someone in your family is psychic as well. Since psychic abilities, along with all spiritual abilities, are genetic, if you have a family history of psychics, such as an aunt, uncle, grandmother, mother - anyone in your family that is a psychic, your child is probably psychic too. This is how my son got his abilities. You may not even know that you have a spiritual ability, and finding out that your child has one may lead you to finding out you have one too and they probably got it from you! Ask around in your family, maybe someone knows of the psychic history and would be glad to tell you! You can learn a lot through your child, and this is just another sign they have psychic abilities.

The sixth sign that your child is a psychic is the fact they are afraid of the dark. While being afraid of the dark is in fact a common childhood fear, it can also mean that your child is seeing something when those lights go out that you cannot see. This happened to me as a child, and happened to my son too when he was young. I was petrified of the dark. I saw things in the dark and it wasn't only my imagination. The shadows would start moving, I would hear things, the closet door would open, I would hear voices, I would feel the breath of an unseen entity on my face - it just goes on and on, and it all happened in the dark. You can't just take the fact a child is afraid of the dark as a childhood phase. That is an excuse. When a child is afraid of the dark there is often more of a reason than just a scary movie frightening them - there may be something really there - so if this is happening to your child, they probably have psychic abilities and are seeing something you can't see.

There are many more signs of a psychic child, however these are the most prominent and most powerful. I was once a psychic child too - and I know how it can be to feel out of place, to feel that nobody understands you, to feel like you don't belong and to feel that you are weird. This is another reason natural psychic children often tend to stay by themselves. So if you find that these signs apply to your child, talk to them, let them know you are there for them if they need someone to talk to. Let them know they aren't weird - they are special and their gifts aren't a bad thing. Embrace all that they are, and in return they will love and accept themselves. Your child is a diamond - they are special - and if these signs apply to your child, they are in fact psychic!

Do you have a psychic child? What are their signs? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family - maybe they have a psychic child as well!

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