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Psychic Links: Do you have one?

Have you ever had a feeling that a certain someone in your life was going to call or text - and they did? Have you ever knew what someone was going to say before they even said it? Have you ever felt that a special someone in your life may be in danger, only to find out they really were? If so, you may have a psychic link. A psychic link is a special connection between two people that isn't bound by physical means. This connection can be with someone completely around the world. In today's article, I will be giving the signs that you may in fact have a psychic link!

A psychic link forms between two people when intense emotions are involved. This can be a best friend, a lover, a parent, a sibling - anyone who you have a special emotional connection with. Over time, this emotion for each other opens a sort of psychic channel in between the two of you - and forms an energy connection. For example, I love my husband very much, he is my soulmate. We have a very close and special relationship. He isn't a psychic, however he knows what I am thinking at the exact time I am thinking it. He will know what I am about to say, and he knows how I am feeling. I don't even have to say anything - and this energy goes both ways. We share a psychic link, so here are the signs you may have one with someone in your life.

The first sign of a psychic link is you can sense where they are, anywhere in the world. All you have to do is think about them, and in your mind you can feel, see or sense where they are. This isn't just all in your imagination, because it later turns out to be accurate. They were in fact where your felt they were. An example of this is one day my husband had went into town to run some errands, and was expected to be gone around half an hour. Well, he was gone a lot longer and I was getting worried. He wasn't answering his phone, and I could feel his energy - it wasn't too far away. I closed my eyes, and I could see his surroundings in my mind - he was at Walmart, and there is horrible cell phone service in the building. I could sense where he was, and if this happens to you, you have a psychic link with that person.

The second sign of a psychic link is you have had occurrences where you randomly would think of someone out of nowhere, and you just knew that they were in trouble, or they were having difficulties, or they were extremely happy - anything like that. It just popped in your mind without them telling you, and it later turned out to be accurate. Again, an example is with my husband. He used to work as a medical CNA at a nursing home not too far from our home. One day I knew something was wrong - and I knew he was going through something pretty bad. Without him ever telling me, I called him. Turns out he had just been sexually assaulted at work, which resulted in me making him quit that day, no two weeks notice or anything. I knew this had happened, I could feel it, and this is because of the psychic link between us. If you have had similar experiences with someone, it means you have a psychic link and it is very special.

The third sign has a lot to do with the one I just talked about. You can pick up on how they are feeling no matter where they are. You may get a sudden burst of excitement and they pop in your mind - only later to find out they had just bought a new car. You may be sitting there watching TV and they pop into your mind, but this time it is a scared feeling. You know they are scared - later to find out they had gotten into an accident. The scenarios are truly endless, however this is another sign that you and that person do have a psychic link!

The fourth sign of a psychic link today is you experience sympathy pains at the exact same time as the other person. Whether they are sick, in pain or whatever, you feel that pain right along with them. This is actually very common in psychic links - when I get a headache after a long day at work, my husband feels it too. When he is sick, I feel it. When I am hungry - he is hungry. When he had cut his finger cooking us an amazing dinner, my finger will hurt. It goes on and on, and it happens everyday. This is a psychic link - so if you share these same sympathy pains with someone in your life, you do have a psychic connection, and it is a very exciting bond!

The fifth sign is another common one, my clients mention it happening in their lives all the time. You just know when they are going to contact you, you find yourself knowing right before it happens all the time. Whether it be a phone call, an email, a Facebook message, a text - no matter what, you just know they are going to reach out. It is like a mental alert right before it happens. Just an instant sense of knowing - and sure enough, they reach out exactly as your premonition told you they would. This is a psychic link, and they most likely experience the same thing with you! That is a very close relationship.

The sixth sign of a psychic link is the fact you just know when good or bad things are coming into their lives, often times before they even know. When two people share a psychic link between each other, a natural intuition exists, in a lot of the same ways that psychic links form between mothers and their children. You just know when something is going to happen to them. So if you have had these natural intuitions about them that turn out to be true, either you are a talented psychic, or there is a psychic link between you and that person. Perhaps it is both!

The seventh sign of a psychic link between two people is you can sense what they are thinking without them ever even telling you a thing. You can be sitting right next to them, and something just pops into your mind - something very random. So you say it out loud, only to find out they were literally just thinking about that. You don't even have to be in the same room at all, you can be in different states for all it matters. However they will pop into your mind along with this random thought, and you just know it is because they are thinking about it. This is very common in people with psychic links between them, so if you find this is happening to you and someone in your life, you do share a psychic link.

The last sign today is the fact you can sense when they are in danger. There is no mistaking this feeling. You clearly know something is happening to them. So you call them - and turns out they are in danger and need help. This is not a good feeling, and can literally scare the heck out of you. It has happened to me multiple times, and is not something I enjoy. It is a good thing to happen because at least you know when they need you that you will be there for them. It is unavoidable - if this happens or has happened to you before, you have a psychic link with that person.

Psychic links are very special and are nothing to be afraid of. It only exists between the closest of people. Play around with it - now that you know you have a psychic connection with someone, try sending them mental messages and ask them what is in their mind. Develop this connection, it is very rare and doesn't happen with just anyone.

Do you have a psychic link with someone? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to share this article with your friends and family! Perhaps your psychic link is with one of them!

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