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Psychic Medium: Are you one?

I was born feeling like I was different from other people, feeling like I didn't quite belong and for many years many people thought I was crazy. After so long I even had convinced myself that I was crazy. Yet it didn't sit well with me. Some of my first memories were just knowing things before they happened, talking with animals, seeing messages in the sky and every time I tried to talk to someone about it I was shut out. I was called evil. I was called a devil worshiper and this hurt me. I am not religious at all, that includes even believing in the devil - I don't. My gifts were proven right time after time and I was even reprimanded religiously for it which is why I don't go to church anymore.

Have you ever felt different and you know you aren't crazy? You know something is going on and even though other people shun it out, it leaves you wanting to know more? You may have a spiritual gift, you may be a psychic medium. A psychic medium is like a hugely gifted empath, only the medium can feel the feelings, emotions and energy of both the living and the dead. It's a genuine gift and no, it doesn't make you evil, it doesn't make you crazy or lame. It makes you special and you're not alone. There are millions of people with spiritual gifts, and in this article I want to give you some signs that you may be a psychic medium.

The first sign that you are a psychic medium is you have conversations with animals, and you always have. No, you may not hear their responses but that doesn't stop you. I've done this my whole life. I've always felt a special connection to animals and I will literally talk to my animals. Sure, some people will always think I'm crazy and there is no changing their minds. That is okay because I have a strong sense of self worth, everyone should and it takes being confident in yourself not to let other people's negativity and disbelief bring you down. Having 'pretend' conversations with animals is just one sign of being a natural psychic medium.

Another sign of a natural psychic medium is you have an unexplained fear of the dark, either now or in your childhood. This is common in natural mediums because even if you don't know it, you can feel something in that darkness. Your parents may have told you nothing is there, even come into your room to check and it was all clear. Sure, it was all clear in the light, but you know there is something in that darkness. This is usually a fear when psychic medium gifts are starting to manifest, you're opening up to energy and generally this fear only lasts a few years yet in some it never goes away. Scary right?

The third sign of being a natural psychic medium is you've always had an interest in the paranormal, and you don't know why. It's not like you were exposed to it or anything of the sort. You are just pulled to it and I can resonate with this on a personal level. My adopted parents were Mormons, anything to do with the paranormal was considered evil and of the devil so I definitely wasn't exposed to it. It's just always been a part of me, I felt connected to the other side and if this applies to you, you're probably a natural psychic medium.

The fourth sign of being a natural psychic medium is you have a very active dream life. Sometimes, it's like you can actually control them and you probably can! That is a completely different gift on it's own called lucid dreaming - the power to control your dreams. Walk where you want to walk, say what you want to say, do what you want to do it's very empowering. Having a vivid dream life is a sign of being a natural psychic medium because it means your brain is more awake, more in-tune with the energies around it and the fact you can control those dreams definitely means you're special, and you're probably a psychic medium naturally.

The fifth sign of being a natural psychic medium is when you're alone you just feel like you're being watched. It's not a comfortable feeling. You often find yourself closing blinds, closing curtains, turning on lights, and being overall paranoid. You don't know who or what is watching you but you feel those eyes looking directly at you and it just gives you the goosebumps. This is a common sign in mediums and the reason is you are feeling another spirit in the room. Your senses are picking up on that spirit, which is proof you have a special gift.

The sixth sign of being a natural psychic medium is waking up all the sudden for no reason at night or just not sleeping too well in general. Energies are at their peak during the night time hours because there isn't as much interference getting in their way. My husband and I both get sleep paralysis, we see things in the room, we wake up randomly for no reason and I always have a bad sleeping experience. I always have and it's something I struggle with. If this is happening to you, you may be a natural psychic medium.

The last sign of being a psychic medium is electronics, lights and other things either break, glitch or go out when you are around. Radio stations will go fuzzy when you're next to the antenna, computers will freeze - things like this. These are signs you're a natural psychic medium. I have gone through so many computers, changed so many light-bulbs, gone through so many TV's and cell phones it's crazy. They just don't agree with my energy and are often having to be replaced. This is a huge sign that you're spiritually gifted and that's a special thing.

Another sign is if you've ever been to a psychic, a witch doctor or alternative healer for any of the things mentioned above. Having a gift may make you different, but it doesn't make you wrong, bad, evil or crazy. It makes you special so if any of these signs apply to you odds are you're a natural psychic medium. So do research, open up your mind. Developing gifts is a truly enlightening experience that everyone has the potential to achieve. With the world being locked down right now it's the perfect time to start opening up your gifts. I recommend a book called Psychic Development for Beginners. This is the first book I ever read and it's what really opened me up fully. Either way, you aren't alone and if you need someone to talk to I will be here for you. Have a safe week ahead.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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