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Psychic Medium: Signs you are one

When I first started realizing I had special abilities that other people didn’t, I was afraid to talk about them. I was afraid that I would be seen as crazy and locked up somewhere. It wasn’t the life I wanted for myself, yet as time went on I realized what I have doesn’t make me crazy, it makes me special and I can’t let myself care about how other people view me. We all have talents. Whether you’re an artist, musician, banker, teacher, acrobat, medium or so forth. They are all talents and more often than not no two people have the same exact ability to the same extent.

After growing the strength to finally start talking about my ability, I decided to make sure it wasn’t just my imagination playing tricks on me. I tested it out and after many tests I was able to confirm that what I have is an ability - and I know I’m not the only one in the world that has it.

I’ve been giving readings in one form or another since I learned how to talk and as my regular readers know, my first experience was looking up into the sky and seeing letters, but I couldn’t read yet so I don’t know what the message was. If you are reading this article right now, you are either interested in mediumship or feel as though you have the gift yourself. In this article today I want to go over some signs that you do in fact have the mediumship ability and it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

Mediums are just normal everyday people. We have emotions of course - we are just really big empaths to put it simply. One catch though: we pick up on feelings, impressions and emotions from both the living and the dead, from plants in rare levels of mediumship, and in beings we can’t see with our eyes. There are basically two types of mediumship: the kind set in later on in life, and the kind set in earlier on in life such as my ability.

The first sign you are a natural medium is you have always had an interest and belief in the paranormal. There really is no reason why either, it’s not like you were flooded with it as a child. Some of us weren’t even introduced to this type of thing. I was adopted into a Mormon family and trust me when I say they feel gifts like this are evil so it’s not something I talked to them about or was ever around. I was just pulled to it. Ghosts, paranormal, psychic abilities, spirit boards and even magic. While there was no reason for me to be pulled to it I still was, and this is the biggest sign you may be a medium.

The second sign is you can walk into rooms and feel pressure, heat, emotions and even heaviness. Sometimes even an ear will ring out of nowhere then all the sudden someone pops into your head. That is a sign of mediumship because your senses are so far open you’re picking up on things normal people can’t, and most of the time these are spirits that are trying to reach out to you.

The third sign you are a medium is you recall seeing or sensing spirits as a child, or have relatives who have. Mediumship often runs through the family and even if it skips a generation or two it will always pop back up. Seeing or hearing spirits is a major flag for having the ability because that is what mediumship is: the ability to establish contact with those who have passed.

The fourth sign you’re a natural medium is you’ve had an unexplainable fear of the dark. This can be back when you were a child or even still to this day. Spirits like to linger in the dark, and are attracted to people with the mediumship ability. We carry a light or flame much brighter than those without the gifts - and like a moth to the flame spirits are pulled to us. We can sense them in the dark, so even as a child it is common for the natural medium to have a fear of the dark.

The fifth sign is you have a very active dream life - most often including vivid nightmares or lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are when you know you’re in a dream, you are aware of that and as a result you can go where you want to go. You can do what you want to do and this is a powerful gift that often partners with mediumship. I’ve been able to control my dreams ever since I first remember having them. It’s a very strange experience, as if it’s a whole other realm or world that I get pulled to when I sleep. I can control it just as I can control what I do here. If this is happening to you then you’re probably a medium.

The sixth sign today is that you are woken up at night frequently and generally don’t sleep well. This is common in mediums because when we sleep, that veil between us and that next layer of life where spirits reside is the thinnest. It’s the time they have the most access to us and when we aren’t protected it really does interfere with our sleeping patterns. Just having this one symptom doesn’t mean that you’re a medium, yet if you’re having it combined with some other signs then yes, you have the gift.

The last but not least sign I want to talk about today is that you’ve had that feeling someone or some being is with you in old buildings, cemeteries, when listening to gospel music or in places of where great deals of emotion have been released. Being a medium as mentioned in the beginning of this article means you’re a super sensitive empath - much more powerful than the standard empath and you will pick up energies in these places. So if this is happening to you then you have the gift for sure.

There are many other signs - much too many to list here such as seeing things out of the corner of your eyes, movement of objects, strange synchronicities, hearing voices - there are many more yet the fact is this is a powerful ability. It is also special and it doesn’t mean that you’re crazy. If more than one of these are happening to you then you are a natural medium and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, afraid of or disappointed of. Learn to develop it. Learn to help other people with it. Be proud of who you are.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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