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Real Love: Is it happening to you?

Real love can be a hard thing to spot. Love is a word that gets thrown around too much these days. It can be easy to just tell someone that you love them and not mean it. We see all of these amazing love stories and signs of love in movies, yet unfortunately it isn't anything like in the movies. It isn't as simple as plucking the petals off a flower and the last one lets you know if they really love you. It gets hard to really open up and trust people these days because you never know their real motives. Are they telling you they love you to get something out of you or do they really mean it?

Well in today's article, I want to go over some signs that they do in fact love you, that it is real, and you have found true love. Sometimes getting over being hurt in the past is difficult. We build up these walls and insecurities within ourselves, and before we know it we are so closed off mentally that we could never experience real love if it was in our face. While it is true, you can never really let your guard down fully for just anyone, it is okay to let your guard down for true love, and here are the signs.

The first sign that they are really in love with you is the way they look at you. They look at you like you are an angel in the flesh - because to them that is what you are. It is not a look of sexual desire. It is a look of complete awe, and they may have even told you before that they can't believe someone like you exists, and how lucky they are to have you. This look is one of deep respect, admiration and pride. It is reserved only for you, and you will find them looking at you a lot. This is a sign of true love, and if this is happening, you have definitely found it!

The second sign of true love is they are very giving to you, without expecting anything in return. This is true love - it is all about giving. This is why mothers often love their kids more than their kids love them. My mother used to tell me that I would never experience real love until I had a child, because this real love is purely about giving. It was true, that type of love is unconditional. When you really love someone, you want to see them happy. You try to give them all you can, unselfishly, expecting nothing but their love in return. It is rare for someone these days to be completely giving without taking, however when real love is present - this is what happens and it is really special. If this person matches this description in your life, they are definitely genuinely in love with you.

The third sign that they really love you is you are the priority in their life. Let's face it, we are all busy in life and we all have commitments. Whether it is work, school, or life in general - it can get busy. Yet when someone is truly in love with you, you will be the priority and they will make time for you no matter what. If it is impossible for them to be with you at a point in time for whatever reasons, such as scheduling, they will make sure you know when they will have the time, because they want nothing more than to be with you. This is real love, and if you are a priority in their life no matter what, you definitely have it.

The fourth sign today is the fact they really want to immerse themselves into your life. They want to get to know everything about you such as hobbies, friends, family and just everything really. They want to impress your friends and your family, they want to get to know everything and everyone in your life, and hope they can make a good impression. At the same time, they want you to be immersed in their life too - they want you to be best friends with their friends, they want you to know their family as well, they want other people to love you just as much as they do. They see only light in you and are truly interested with everything to do with you. This is real love, and if they are showing these signs, you can guarantee their love for you is genuine.

The fifth sign of true love is the fact that they really see you. They see the things that other people don't see. They see how you react to people, and how they react to you. They see the body language that even you don't realize about yourself. They really appreciate you for all that you are, the good and the bad, and accept it all. They notice the small things about you that only someone really in love can realize. They will be the first to notice when you got a new shirt, and will compliment you on it. They will be the first to notice that inch you cut off your hair and will tell you how beautiful you look. Through the positive and negative things in life, they will be right by your side no matter what. This is absolutely true love.

The sixth sign of true love is the fact that your happiness is their own. Just knowing you are happy is all it takes to make them happy, and you have realized this many times. They will go out of their way just to make sure you feel loved, wanted, that you are taken care of, that you are happy. They will look for reasons just to make you happy, that is how much you mean to them. They will avoid anything that they know you don't like in efforts to brighten your day. It is like they live to see you shine. If it is rainy, they would give you their umbrella. If it was cold, they would give you the jacket off their back. If they heard you talking about something you have been wanting, then all the sudden they show up and have bought it for you without you asking, they love you. The possibilities are endless, yet these are all signs that your happiness is all that matters to them - the sign of true love.

The last sign I will be talking about today is the fact that they really miss you when you are gone. After all, they say people fall in love with someone in their absence, not their presence. It is easy to show someone you love them when they are around. It is easy to do nice things for someone who is always there - yet it is what they do when you are gone that is the real test of true love. When they really love you, they will miss you when you are gone. They won't let you go days on end without hearing from them. They won't use the excuse they are busy all the time to not contact you. They will miss you almost immediately when you are gone. You can be going to the store and be gone a few hours, but will already have heard from them. This person goes out of their way to let you know they are there for you. When you don't love someone, you won't really care when they are gone. You won't think about them all the time. It is only when true love is present that you will be uncomfortable when they are gone. So if they are missing you when you aren't around, it is a sure sign that they do in fact love you.

There are many more signs of true love, yet these are the most powerful sure signs that it is there. True love is hard to find, and it can be even harder to spot. So if you have true love, cherish it ~ not everyone get's the chance to experience it in life.

Have you experienced real love? Let others know about it in the comments below, and please share this article with your friends and family.

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