Rough Times: How to keep strong

We all go through rough times. It is just a part of life. Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep going. When one thing goes wrong, another thing seems to go wrong, and before you know it - you are in over your head and your heart tells you not to give up, but everything else is saying 'I'm done'. There is a breaking point in all of us - and in this post I want to talk about how we can get through these rough times in one piece.

I want to first give you an experience I have recently had to go through - as in it finally ended today. Last week on Saturday, it got below zero degrees where I live, and all of the water pipes froze in my whole house. My husband had to go to the store to buy water just so we could water our plants (I have a ton of them), our three dogs and ourselves. It stayed this way for 5 days. No water at all. Finally, it got warm enough and the water pipes unfroze, however this led to another problem. Now the sewer lines were frozen, so all the water and waste was getting backed up inside of our home. All of the bathtubs were now full of sewage, all the toilets were full - and it was scary. This went on for three days.

My husband and I called over a dozen plumbers and nobody wanted to come help. So I tried to fix this myself. I got up under the house, banged some things around hoping to break whatever ice was there - didn't work. So I came back inside, went into one of the bathrooms, and removed the whole toilet in hope that I would have more of a direct access to the main sewage line - to unblock it. Nope - this led to all the backup in all the tubs coming up through that hole, flooding the entire bathroom. Keep in mind, I am sitting on the floor trying to fix the problem. This is literally the nastiest experience of my life. I was gagging, crying - I felt defeated. I am not a plumber - I had no idea what I was doing, and now I couldn't get the toilet back on the hole to plug it.

Next, the whole toilet breaks - which leads to another problem. Nobody is wanting to come help - and I am breaking down. This has already been going on a week at this point. I am ready to pack up my stuff, take my husband and dogs to a hotel, and stay until it is fixed. It was very hard to see any reason to keep strong, and I had enough. Finally out of nowhere, the phone rings - and it is a plumber. He was willing to come all the way to my house, on a Saturday, and fix the issue. Turns out - all of the plumbing needed to be removed and replaced. It was expensive, yet come to find out, if this would not have happened, it would have been ten times as expensive and nearly impossible to fix down the road. I am happy to say that everything is now fixed, the mess is cleaned up - and it is better than new.

The reason I wanted to tell you about this personal experience I went through was to let you know that literally everything happens for a reason, and this is something we need to keep in mind when going through these rough times. I know how hard it can be to keep pushing forward. It gets unbearable at times. Yet - know that this bad phase or situation you are going through does have a purpose, and even if we can't see one at the moment, or while it is happening - keep strong. Keep positive, because when it is over, something will happen and then a light will go off in your mind: "Oh, this is why this happened".

I call it the 'Ah ha!' moment. Suddenly what you were going through makes sense, because not only can you now be proud that you got through it and it is over, but you can also learn from it. I have always had issues being patient. I mean, when the UPS driver is expected, I am waiting at the window until he comes. That is just how I am. Getting through this situation was impossible for me. I had my fill, I couldn't take it anymore. Yet something inside of me kept telling me to be strong. I have been through many rough times in my life, and the one thing that is always the same, is a better situation arises out of that darkness. I know everything happens for a reason.

The motivation and inspiration you can gain from my experience, is that we all go through hard times. It doesn't matter who you are. A lot of people think that because I am a gifted psychic, that I should know when something like what I went through is going to happen, and I should already be prepared. What I would tell these people, is I am not an all-knowing God. I am human too. Yes - I usually do foresee bad things in my life - but like anybody else, they do sneak up on me. It is usually a spiral of events - one thing leads to another and before I know it, everything is out of balance. My husband is a wonderful man and he helps me through these rough times.

The main point: you can get through these rough times. You are strong - you were born strong. You have been through a lot - and you are still going. You are reading this right now knowing I am talking directly to you. The bad leads to the good. Rough times lead to amazing times. One bad thing happens, two good things will happen. It does get better. There are always lessons to be learned - like I told you, mine was patience and strength. So look at your situation from outside the box. Know good is right around the corner, and keep pushing just a little longer. You can do this!

Share this post with your friends and family. Do you have an experience where the bad led to something good? Let me know in the comments!

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