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Silver Lining: What is it?

The 'silver lining' in life refers to the good that comes out of every bad situation. This can be a really hard concept to grasp. When life has you really down..bad things are just happening one after the other, and it gets down right hard to keep up with. Sometimes we just really want to give up. We get in 'over our heads', and there feels like there is no way out. In today's post, I want to go over 'silver lining'. I want to talk about how good comes out of every bad situation - how everything happens for a reason - and even though it can be hard to see it at the time, there is always that good, always that 'silver lining'.

So as you know, all of us go through shit in life. That is just how it is. We get knocked down, and when it doesn't seem like it can get any worse, it does. A lot of this has to do with the law of attraction. Some of us are just 'energy projectors' so to speak. One thing goes wrong, we focus on that, then before we know it, another thing goes wrong. Now we have two bad things to focus on. Then another thing goes wrong. "Damn it!" - that's what I always say. That is putting it nicely.

Bad things can't always be foreseen. Some things just go wrong on their own. Impulsive. Last minute. Always inconvenient - and usually a spiral of events.

I had a client recently who was going through horrible things, and it didn't ever seem to stop. His name is Tony, and he was a home owner. He has a husband, three dogs and a great life style. His family had a great income, he owned not only his home, but two vehicles and everything inside of his home. He worked hard for it. He recently in the last six months finally got to quit his job as a CNA. He was abused at work in every single way.

His husband had secured a high earning job and everything seemed to be going well. They were finally able to build up everything that they had lost previously - not only the home they live in, but a great food supply, water supply, emergency supplies ... everything. It was all going well. Then a really cold winter hit. Their waterlines in their home froze. Their sewage froze. They were snowed in ... the sewage was now backing up into their bathtubs. It was scary. The whole house was smelling up, no plumber wanted to come work in their house.

This was a bad situation - and it seemed to only be getting worse. There really seemed to be no good in the situation at all. Come to find out - it was just frozen pipes - that is true. Yet, if the pipes had not frozen, it wouldn't have opened the bigger issue that there was a main pipe plug deep under ground, and they would have continued to be charged hundreds of extra dollars per month if this had not happened. So yes, this was unfortunate, and a huge inconvenience - however if this had not happened, they would have never found out the bigger issue - and would have always been charged much more. Good came from the bad.

Another example of silver lining is a good friend of mine - I have never met her in person, but have been giving her readings since 2009, almost daily. Her name is Samantha, and she has given me permission to share with you this story.

She has always been healthy, intuitive, passionate, adventurous - really open minded and always diving into the deeper energies in life. She has three healthy children who are incredibly smart. Her husband is a NASA engineer. Very secure people. One day she got sick. She didn't eat anything wrong - but she couldn't stop vomiting. She got so weak she couldn't leave the bed, and doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Blood tests, every test came back clean.

She wanted to give up - there was nothing she could do. She couldn't eat - couldn't sleep - constant pain - there was no good to this situation. She was failing. Doctors gave up. It didn't make sense - and she had come to me as a last resort.

The first thing I saw was the doctors must have been out of their minds. They told her to give up - and I couldn't believe she told me this. I saw two lives inside of her. She didn't trust me - went to the doctors again - blood tests said this was impossible. Ultrasounds picked nothing up. This was wrong, and I even got a bad rating. This bothered me, not because of the rating, but because her life was in danger.

She came back to me a few weeks later and told me it was a tubal pregnancy - a double one - and it was caught in time. She has two beautiful daughters now who are turning three months next week. Truly special. This is a silver lining.

A silver lining can be anything. From losing your job, only to find out that a better one has secured itself for you. Losing a grandmother, which broke your heart. Only to find out you are two months pregnant ... it is a girl. This is special. I could go on and on - this all comes down to silver lining. It is real - it is the good that comes out of every bad. Yes, the bad can really break us down. It can make us feel there is no way out. That is normal to feel - because we all feel that way. This is when you take a step back and give it a little time and space. There is literally good out of every bad situation - you just have to not only have the patience, but the open mind to see it.

Don't dwell on the bad things. This will literally get you nowhere. I know this from personal experience. Yet I have had the open mind to sit back and watch. I have had my share of bad experiences. Times that really try to knock me down, they happen a lot. But I sit back, let it happen. Change the things I can change - and realize the things I have no control over - and I don't let them have control over me. Good comes from bad - be willing to open your eyes to this silver lining.

Use the term silver lining when you want to emphasize the hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface. The common expression "every cloud has a silver lining" means that even the worst events or situations have some positive aspect. Keep an open mind - the universe never stops believing in you - so never stop believing in it.

Share this article with your friends and family. Bring that sense of hope into their lives - and share your experience with silver lining in the section below.

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