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Spells: The beginners approach

When we think of spells, we think of Harry Potter or Sabrina. We are made to think that spells can only be achieved with special effects. This is not true, and in this post, I want to go over not only what a spell is, but also give you a beginners spell to manifest desires. Spells in my eyes are the manipulation of energy to achieve a desired effect.

'The formula can be spoken, sung or chanted. An incantation can also be performed during ceremonial rituals or prayers. Other words synonymous with incantation is spells, charms or to bewitch. In the world of magic, the incantations are said to be performed by wizards, witches and fairies.' - Wikipedia

Contrary to popular belief, spells are not evil. The reason I say this, is because the same concept used in spells is also used for praying. Every religion prays - spells are just a form of prayer basically. A prayer is sending energy out, usually for guidance or assistance with a particular something in life. A spell is the exact same thing, only we use visual aides to help us focus the energy.

For example, every color of a candle represents a certain energy. Just like a talisman is a visual aide to help focus your energy. The words in a spell or incantation are used for the same thing: to help focus our minds to send out a very specific energy. This has also been called forced law of attraction. While law of attraction is powerful, sometimes adding in candles, an incantation, incense and so on help you to send out more powerful targeted energy. This is what my experience with spells are. I am not saying all spells are like this because they aren't. There are actual rituals, some take days - but those are not what I am talking about in this post.

This post is only going to be explaining a lighter side to magic, and usually the most powerful. Using your own energy to manifest things around you - using visual aides such as candles - which is what makes it a spell. A lot of spells call to different spirits, elements, Gods, Goddesses, deities, and that is just fine - as long as you know what you are doing and protect yourself. Spells, just like anything else - if abused can hurt you and your life. It can screw with the energies around you. So when calling to actual entities - never do it without envisioning a white light around you. This automatically protects your energy.

In the spell I want to teach to you today - it requires no experience at all. It will not be calling out to entities. This spell today is a beginners spell - easy but powerful if done right. It is one of the first ones I ever learned - and it is used to target a desired goal - and to help you to achieve it. To open up paths, roads and energies to make your path easier, so that achieving your goal is simple for you. As with all spells, some work immediately, others take time. This spell is dealing with energy work, and usually works best if done at least once a week until the desired effect is reached.

For this spell all you need is a white candle, a bowl of water, and empty pot, a pen and paper. Get all of these supplies and sit down where you are comfortable and not disturbed. Some place where the candle will not tip over. Always be careful. Write on the paper what your desired goal is. See it clearly in your mind as you are writing it down. Light the candle while still seeing this goal in your mind. See it manifesting. See your life as if it has already happened.

Then take the paper, and light it on fire with the flame of the candle, put it in the empty pot and say out loud:

Flame of the Universe

Hear me

This is my goal

So shall it be

Take my words

Hear my cry

Send my energy into the sky

Clear the way

So I can be

Everything that I can see

So shall it be

So shall it be

So shall it be

Wait for the paper to burn out completely, then take the ashes from it and put them into the water. See an intense white light in your mind around this bowl of water. As you put it into the water, say out loud:

Water of life

Hear my plea

My desire is here

For you to see

Open the skies

Open the path

Open my mind

On my behalf

Manifest my desires

Manifest my desires

Manifest my desires

After you have completed the incantation, take the bowl of water and dump it out under a bush or tree, seeing your dreams come true. As mentioned, it can take hours, or it can take months, or even years for huge dreams. Always remain positive. The spell is now complete, and this is a great start! You have now sent that specific targeted energy out into the Universe, and now you can go on with your life, knowing that your dreams are going to come to reality. Never give up, as mentioned, this is most powerful if you repeat it at least once a week - it doesn't hurt to do it more than that.

No dream has ever been achieved by someone who didn't work for it. Using spells is not a bad thing or an evil thing to do. There is no evil with working with energy - because energy is nature, and nature is both giving and taking all at the same time. Good and evil. It is what you do with that energy, or with that spell that can tip the scales between positive and negative energy. Trying to hurt someone, break someone up, make someone lose their jobs, make someone lose their lives, the list goes on and on. You use magic to hurt people or situations, you can expect it to come back to you, and in return, mess up your life. I have seen it happen time and time again, and it is not fun. So be responsible with your magic, know that you are free to decide what to do with it - and know most importantly that it is real. Throughout my life I have seen magic work in so many different ways - and is one of the main reasons I am able to sit here on my own website talking to you today. Magic definitely helped with this, and I know it can help with you too.

Don't be too quick to believe that all magic is evil - that is a stereotype and not accurate at all. Magic can be used for evil, that is true, but it can also be used in beautiful ways. Such as helping to get pregnant, helping to attract true love into your life, helping to heal either you or someone else, helping to attract an awesome career to you - it goes on and on and on. I hope you get the idea, and now you have just learned a very simple but effective first spell to manifest a goal or desire. Use it wisely!

How has this spell worked for you, and do you have an interesting story about spells in your life you want to share? I'd love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to share this post with your friends.

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