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Spirit Guides: A beginners approach to contacting them

Spirit Guides are very hard to define. To each culture they mean a different thing. One thing for sure is that we all have them. They are around us, protecting us, guiding us - and they always have messages for us. In this post I want to talk about ways that I personally have found are the most effective for beginners to contact them, as well as giving the most detailed definition I have come across as to what they are.

To find this, I had to go to the 'Best Psychic Directory' where I came across a perfect description of them. It is written by Bob Olsen. Here is what he had to say:

"A spirit guide is a spirit on the spiritual plane who guides a spirit having a human experience on the physical plane. In simpler words, a spirit guide is a spiritual being who is guiding a human being.

Getting much deeper in definition, a spirit guide is the spirit of a soul who has chosen to assist the spirit of another soul during the latter’s human life. I also believe that we are guided by our soul, but it’s more appropriate to refer to this as your higher self than a spirit guide.

There are many beliefs that cannot be verified regarding spirit guides, so I’ll just tell you what makes the most sense to me. We each have one or more key guides (main guides) who guide us throughout our lifetime. These are spirits who have not lived during our lifetime, so it is nobody we would know from this lifetime. Naturally, if they had lived as a human during our life, they would not have been able to guide us from above while they were here. For this reason, they have always been in spirit while you’ve been experiencing your human life.

It is possible that our guides change as we age and grow, but I tend to believe we have at least one who sticks with us throughout our lifetime.

We also have temporary guides who do come and go throughout our lives, and this is because we have specific needs along the way. If you need help with courage, self-confidence or a certain talent during your life, a particular spirit who specializes in that area would assist you with that matter. Once you no longer need that spirit’s help, they move on."

Because of the fact our spirit guide or guides, depending on the person, are always around us, attached to us by energy, the simplest way to contact them is through water. Water is an excellent energy conductor, and by utilizing your own spiritual energy, you can connect to the other side. Always remember, you need to protect yourself when connecting to the spiritual world. While most of the time it is absolutely safe to try to contact your spirit guides, sometimes there may be other spirits lingering around that want to come through as well. The easiest way to protect your energy is to envision a brilliant white light all around you. This will automatically put a barrier of protection around not only your body, but also your soul, allowing you to make a safe connection.

Run yourself a warm bath..not too hot because you don't want to fall asleep and get hurt. Light some candles and place them around the bathtub. (If you can't do this, leaving them on the floor or counter will do). Turn out the lights and get into the tub. Lavender fragrance always makes the connection stronger. Lay there in the tub, seeing the candle light around you. See the shadows moving around you. Get really relaxed, put your head back and close your eyes - keeping your head above the water of course. Always be as safe as possible.

With your eyes closed, see the darkness behind your eye lids. Focus on it - call out to your spirit guides. I call mine by name only because I know them, but if you don't know them yet, you can simply say out loud or in your mind, "Spirit Guides of mine - I call out to you - I know you are always around me - come to me". These aren't exact words you have to say of course, this is all about visualization. Energy is energy, and spirits don't speak a language that we can speak. It is more about feelings, your mind will translate it into a way you can understand.

So depending on your spirit guides, this may happen immediately, or it can take a little longer, sometimes it takes multiple tries for it to work. When it does work, you will get a really warm feeling in your heart. Keep your eyes closed. You will start to see the moving in the darkness behind your eyes. You will start to see lights. Open your heart to messages, spirit guides speak through emotion. You will understand their messages when they come in - it is a sense of understanding so to speak. At this time you are open to talk to them or ask them anything. You can ask them for advice, if you are doing the right thing, and so on. As you get better at this, you will hear them in your mind, in your own language. This is because your mind has learned to translate that energy. So practice makes perfect, and with this simple exercise you have now learned, you can learn to contact your spirit guides for any issue that may arise in life.

Do you have a neat experience with your spirit guides? Let me know in the comments, and share this article with your friends and family. Happy new years!

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