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Spiritual Awakening: Here are the signs

What is a spiritual awakening one may ask. Well it's complicated and the fact is the term is thrown around to the point it's been watered down. What goes through your mind when you think of a spiritual awakening? Is it all the sudden being all-powerful? Is it suddenly seeing God? The truth is it's simply not that simple.

When it comes down to it a spiritual awakening is moving past earthly desires and purely connecting to the Universe on a deep level. It's a time of purity, a time that your spiritual abilities really amp up and your energy flow is of pure healing. Does this happen to everyone? Well, no it doesn't because some people are so closed off to it that they end up putting up a veil around their energy preventing spiritual evolution, it's very sad. A spiritual awakening is a time of ridding yourself of your ego, letting it go completely. Becoming one with our true self and the energy around us.

Having said that, there are many people going through a spiritual awakening right now and in this article I want to go over some key signs it's happening to you.

The first sign of a spiritual awakening is your belief system is changing. It's not that you all the sudden know everything - the opposite really. This is a time you realize you actually know a lot less than you thought you did and you're expanding. Your mind is growing and you're realizing that even if it doesn't make sense at the time, everything is happening for a reason so it's easier to trust it instead of fight it. I hope that makes sense as it's hard to explain. It's realizing just how vast everything is and that you are a part of it all. You don't know everything yet you're okay with it, you accept it and you have a oneness with the Universe, a sense of comfort.

The next sign of a spiritual awakening is you have the urge to want to get to know yourself better. You've stopped caring what others think of you and now you're focusing on 'you'. This manifests differently in everyone. For me it was the wanting to get to know where I come from, my biological family, finding out more about my spiritual abilities - really starting to look inwards instead of looking out and it's a key sign that you're going through a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakenings aren't just a one time thing - it's a process and a very special time in a person's life.

The third sign that you're going through a spiritual awakening is you are starting to let go of physical possessions for freedom. You are finding less interest in physical things and more interest in learning new things. It's not an easy accomplishment for some to just let something go such as a vehicle, house clutter and things like that. You are wanting to let go of the things that don't matter to you anymore.

Another sign that you're going through a spiritual awakening is you are embracing the chaos life throws at us. As mentioned earlier, you're trusting the fact that everything happens for a reason and sure, it's not easy all the time yet ultimately you understand that you don't have to have control. That you have a purpose and a path. You wouldn't be on this path if it was the wrong one because it's always happening in a design - there are no coincidences and you are trusting in that fact more and more each day. This is a huge sign that you are going through a spiritual awakening and it's very special.

The fifth sign of a spiritual awakening is you've started empathizing more with other people. The reason this is a huge sign is because empathy is a rather strong spiritual gift. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel what they are going through isn't always the easiest thing yet you're learning a lot from it. You're starting to see another side of life. A more compassionate one where you don't have to be so edgy all the time. People are your friends not enemies and you are feeling a more oneness with everyone. If you are starting to empathize more with everyone that odds are you're having a spiritual awakening.

The sixth sign that you're having a spiritual awakening is you're flat out feeling more alive than you have before. All the sudden there is a lightness in your life, a calming peace and you're feeling awake - you're feeling free and you are seeing the beauty in life. It's not something in specific that has brought this on, it's just happening naturally and it's a great change in your life. You are wanting to get the most out of life and are living fuller than before on less than before. It's a very freeing time in life so if you're going through this you may be having a spiritual awakening.

The last sign I want to talk about today that you're having a spiritual awakening is you're just not afraid to die anymore. You're not afraid of death - you see it differently than you used to. You no longer see it as the end, you are seeing it as a transition time. A shift from the physical to the spiritual, the knowing life goes on and never ends. For a lot of people the thought of dying really shakes them up and it becomes a huge obstacle to get past. For you, it's not bothering you anymore and it's a huge sign of spiritual awakening.

There are many more signs that you in fact are going through a spiritual awakening. Much too many to list here yet what it comes down to is if you feel you're going through a time of transcendence, a time of positive change then it's never a bad thing. We are all one energy. We are all connected and love really is eternal. It's never the end I can promise and tomorrow is always a new day. Let's make the most out of each one because we never know when our time to pass into the next life is coming. It's time to love everyone, even if you don't have to. Watch as your perspective of life changes. Please know you do have my full support and I'm wishing to each of you a positive week ahead.

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Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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