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Spiritual Awakening: How to know it's happening to you

A spiritual awakening is when the confused and frightened self transcends to a higher consciousness, a awareness full of love and peace. This is a time in your life when you come to a fuller sense of oneness and awareness with the energies around you. Suddenly life makes sense to you, you know your place, you know your calling - and you aren't confused anymore. You have stepped out of that pool of doubt, sorrow, depression, confusion and stepped into the light so to speak. In this post today, I want to talk about some signs that you are going through a spiritual awakening right now. If these signs, or most of them apply to you and your life, you are in fact going through a spiritual awakening, and it is a very special time in your life.

The first sign I want to talk about today is intensified perception of the world around you. Spiritually awaken people see the world through childlike eyes so to speak - they notice the beauty around them and are in wonder of it. Naturally curious and excitement fill the spiritually awoken person. You see things through a very open minded and positive set of glasses - and this makes you very special, as well as on your way to being spiritually awoken.

The next sign I want to talk about is the sense of being 'in the moment' always, and realizing how precious everything is. No matter where you are, you appreciate being there, appreciate the things going on around you - and time seems to start mattering less to you. You are always in the moment no matter what, and this is another great sign that your spiritual awakening has already begun.

Another sign of being spiritually awaken that I want to talk about is 'inner quietness'. It is normal as humans for our minds to be running nonstop - constant thoughts, feelings, images, voices flashing through our minds. It becomes a lot to handle - but we all go through it. With people who are in the process of being spiritually awoken, their minds become less noisy - a lot experience a sense of mental silence they have never experienced before, and with it comes a sense of balance and harmony. Yet again - another sign that you are in the process of a spiritual awakening.

The fourth sign I want to talk about today is empathy. A lot of people these days lack it - and what it is is the ability to feel the emotions of people around you. Experience their happiness, sadness, anger, joy as if it were your own - and you don't even have to know the person. You just feel it when you are around them. This is empathy, and with people who are in the process of a spiritual awakening, their empathy gets strong, and is a great sign the process has started.

The fifth sign of a spiritual awakening that I want to talk about today is the sudden lack of fear in regards to death. Death is something that a lot of people are scared of - whether it is the pain that may come with it, or the thought of never seeing your loved ones again - no matter what it is, the fear of death is real. In people that are becoming spiritually awaken, they lose that fear. They realize that death is just another step in the process of life - shedding the physical layer and living a purely spiritual existence. They realize there is nothing to be afraid of - they feel it in their bones. Death is only the beginning. So this is another absolutely strong signification that you are in the process of spiritually awakening.

The last sign that I want to talk about today that is a great sign that you are in fact becoming spiritually awakened is the lack of a group identity. You no longer feel that you really 'fit' into any group or stereotype. You realize that you are so much more, and while you don't have any negative feelings about the groups you have been in, you just feel you don't belong anymore. You are on a independent spiritual path, and you feel the need to go at this alone. This is not a bad thing at all, just another sign you are absolutely in the process of awakening.

If these signs mean anything to you, this means that it is in fact happening to you as well - you are either in the process of spiritual awakening or it has already happened. This most commonly means that you are a very old soul, an old spirit - a very wise one. Now that you are awakening to the universe spiritually - you will start to see that everything in your life is finally adding up. You realize that the things you have been through have led you right to where you are now, and that is a beautiful thing. The pain, losses, hurt that you have been through all the sudden feel worth it. You would lose all of those things again just to be where you are now. This is a true spiritual awakening, and you can expect the rest of your life to be an adventure. It won't always be easy, but now being open to the larger energies, you know you are in the right place, doing the right thing, you have the right dreams and you are pushing to achieve them.

Great job! You are doing the right thing. If these signs don't apply to you, don't worry. We all go through our own spiritual awakening when it is our right time. Keep strong, keep following your dreams - your awakening will happen usually when you least expect it. It doesn't usually happen all at once. For most people it is a chain of the events I have mentioned in this post. For a rare handful of people like myself, this literally all happened overnight, a long time ago. Either way - always aspire to live your best life, always make efforts to reach for the stars. Your spiritual awakening, if it hasn't started yet, is right around the corner!

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