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Spiritual Gifts: Signs you have them

We all have spiritual abilities. They stem from the pineal gland in the center of all our minds. Sometimes the pineal gland can become calcified as children and the natural gifts are shut off. With some other people however the pineal gland never shuts off, leaving us open to countless abilities that the mind is capable of. In this article today I want to go over some major signs that you yourself might have some spiritual gifts, and if so, how to develop them.

I first started noticing my gifts at a very young age - before I could even read. I just knew things others didn't know and I thought it was normal. I thought everyone could do it so it's become my life. It's become how I help people around the world on a daily basis yet it's important to realize we all have these gifts. Even if your pineal gland has in fact been calcified as a child during puberty there are safe ways to open it back up. Etherium Gold products are what I recommend to my clients and it works amazing by repairing the DNA, it's what the Ancient Egyptians used. Okay, so here are the main things to look for if you have spiritual abilities.

The first sign is you often pay attention to your dreams. The most often overlooked spiritual ability is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is where you are able to control certain aspects of your dreams. You are able to walk where you want to walk. Say what you want to say. Do what you want to do and it's like a live action Nintendo game that you are controlling. When you get hurt in your dream, you feel it. You feel emotion, you smell the scents, you control the situations and this may seem like an amazing gift to have. I would admit, it's quite powerful yet oftentimes people with this gift wake up just as tired as they went to bed. It's not rest, you are still living it's just a different layer, something you aren't taught. It's a lot to grasp yet Lucid Dreaming is very real, and if you can do these things you definitely have spiritual power. Learn to use it, write your dreams down, start to experiment.

Another sign that you have a spiritual ability is you often have visions - and they tend to come true. For example, you are walking into your living room and all the sudden your friend or family member pops into your head. Then they happen to call or stop by. Another example is your ear starts ringing, come to find out someone was just talking about you or was about to contact you. Whatever it is, it's not just coincidence because it happens all the time. You know that you have something special so work with it. When this happens write it down. You are much more powerful than you think and if this happens, you have a spiritual gift.

The third sign that you have spiritual abilities is you have a 3-4am bathroom habit. I know that sounds weird but it may be happening for a reason. 3am - 4am is often known as the witching hour. The time of morning when the energy is at it's thinnest, rendering spiritual messages much stronger than they would have before. So if you have this habit every morning at the same time, odds are you definitely have a spiritual message coming through so sit, and 'take in' the energy around you. Listen to how it makes you feel or what it is telling you in your mind. It's a special gift to have.

The fourth sign that you have spiritual abilities are you get extremely empathic around other people. It's like you can't even go into big groups of people without getting the anxiety attacks, the shakes, the overload of emotion that you know is not coming from you. There is a reason for this. It's because you're a natural empath, you take on the energies around you whether it be from people, animals or other. You can take on other people's emotions. Sometimes you get upset, stressed, sad or really happy out of nowhere, only to come to find out someone else around you was experiencing those emotions. This is a real gift, so remember how you feel in these times. You are picking up on other people's energy. You are an empath.

The fifth sign that you have spiritual abilities is you are extremely intuitive and it is much more than just a random occurrence. From having feelings someone is in trouble to have them reach out to you shortly after, or having the feeling someone is about to call and then they do - this ability is deep. For example, you have a dream of your grandmother coming to you only to find out she passed away that night. You have a feeling to keep pushing on even when others tell you to give up and it ends up working out for you. There are so many examples of this yet if you know you're intuitive and it's not just chance, you have a spiritual ability.

Another sign that you are spiritually gifted is you have a way of knowing what someone else is thinking. For example, you are thinking about something very specific, and then suddenly someone in the room says it outloud. Of you start talking about tacos only to find out the person in the same room was wanting tacos. Of course it's not just about the tacos even though I love them, it's about the bigger understanding that you were connected to something already before it happened. That is a special gift and if this happens to you then you are special.

There are so many more signs and symptoms of spiritual gifts. For example, things moving around you is telekinesis, being able to light the wick of a candle without touching it is pyrokinesis, being able to talk with spirits is mediumship. It goes on and on yet having spiritual gifts doesn't make you crazy or evil. It makes you special and you should embrace them. Never feel alone because there are so many of us that are waking up, realizing the potential of our minds and realizing it is a natural process. Those who discredit us are only intimidated. You are the new world so embrace your gifts. I will always be here to help.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the R.V.P. Platform.

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