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Strangest things powerful psychics experience...

When it comes to strange things in life - being a psychic sure does rank among the highest when it comes to experiences. There is never a dull moment, and any powerful psychic can tell you that these abilities come with a certain lifestyle - and it is not by choice.

I have been psychic since birth, and I don't know anything else other than to be psychic. My husband is not a psychic, so understanding why I am the way I am, and why I do the things I do isn't always the easiest for him.

Being a powerful psychic would seem like the ultimate gift for anyone to have. In the United States, a poll was taken among 100 adults asking them which ability they would want the most - and they got to choose. 70 out of 100 said that they would want psychic powers. Having this ability does come in handy at times, and with it I am able to help countless people across the world. Yet what people don't realize, is that there are side effects to this special ability, and it takes a strong person to be able to handle it.

I have never been a social person, even back in school. I didn't have many friends by choice. Every person carries an energy to them, and I was able to feel each and every single one. I still am to this day. I would find myself withdrawing from the public because I would start having panic attacks in public, at school and even shopping at the store.

One second I would be feeling mad for no reason at all. I had literally no reason to be upset whatsoever. As I looked around me, I would notice there was a couple fighting or arguing, or a crying child - and I would realize I was feeling their emotions. Same applies to other emotions. No matter the case, I would take on the emotions and thoughts of those around me, and for that reason, I have learned that it is best to stay at home away from all people. The only person I choose to be around is my husband, but I have people do my shopping for me because I simply cannot be in public. That is one downside of powerful psychic abilities, we have to have a more withdrawn lifestyle. It is just a part of the package.

Another strange thing powerful psychics have to go through is not being able to be surprised for the most part. Having these gifts take away the element of surprise in our lives. From knowing who is texting or calling before they even do it, to knowing when someone is coming over, or when something is going to happen. It is a gift, that is very true, yet life does become somewhat dull to a certain extent personally. I love helping my clients, and that makes me feel great - yet in my personal life there really are no surprises.

For example, around birthdays or holidays, might as well forget it. I already know what is going to happen, the gifts that are coming in, who is coming over, who is going to call, what may be coming in the mail, and I have lost that edge in my life where I can feel excited about something. It is so powerful, that I already know when a restaurant won't have what I want before I order it. I already know when the store has or doesn't have what I want before I go. People may think this is fake but it isn't - this is my life.

Lucid dreaming is another strange thing powerful psychics have to go through, I have talked about this in another one of my blog posts. My husband talks about how his dreams are for the most part just like movies, he just sits back and they happen on their own - allowing him to get his full rest experience. Not me. I often times wake up more tired than when I went to bed. In my dreams I don't rest. They don't play back like movies for me to just sit and watch.

In my dreams I am aware of where I am, what I am doing, what is going on around me. I am able to walk around - do things at will - say what I want to say. Along with that comes the senses. Most people don't feel physical sensation while sleeping, and they aren't able to touch, smell or taste. That is not how it is for me. When I get hurt in a dream - I physically feel it. When there is food - I smell it and the scenarios are endless. Again, these are very special gifts, but require a certain lifestyle. Sleep no longer means rest. There are no surprises for the most part. You aren't able to be social like you used to be. It all comes with the package. There are many more strange things powerful psychics have to go through such as hearing thoughts, seeing spirits, feeling energies, being psychically attacked and so on. Too many to list here, yet I hope you get the idea. Being a powerful psychic isn't as luxurious as most people think it is.

So you see, there are ups and downs to every talent I suppose - and when it comes to a powerful psychic - I hope you have learned the down side that comes with it.

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