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Taking the independent spiritual path in life ...

We are formed since birth to fit inside of a box. That is just the way life is set up and one may say we have no control over it...but we do. I do not belong to a religion, I have always been too open minded and curious. The adopted home I was born into at the age of 8 was a Mormon home. So many rules, guidelines, things that didn't make sense. I have always wondered how someone can be so against psychics - when in the christian bible, seers were everywhere.

One can be so quick to believe in a deity sitting high up in the clouds, watching over us, knowing our thoughts and actions - but at the same time can be so against the fact that someone like me can see things just the same. Things that normal people can't see. Yet my whole life I have been told that I was evil. Told that I was going to hell. Told that what I see and can do is demonic. Of course, this has a way of tearing down a person. This all goes back to that box you are put in at birth. Made to think that people who could do special things of course must be a servant of Satan. This is one of the things that led me into the solo spiritual path in life. Nobody knows me like I know myself.

I know I do not have evil in my heart. I care too much about people. How they are feeling - what I can do to make their lives better. I donate to random strangers, every chance I get. I am currently donating to at least 6 charities a month, two of which are wildlife and ocean preservation's. So this got me thinking - if I was evil like every single church I have ever tried to be a part of was telling me - then shouldn't I be feeling evil?

My thoughts are pure. Yes I get upset like every other human does. I get tired of people taking me for granted - as I am sure you have felt too. Nobody asks for their talents in life, these are just things we are born with. My talents reach beyond what a closed in box minded person would think. By saying box minded - I am not saying that it is the person's fault. The first thing I mentioned in this article was we are born into this machine. It is all about the basic things. We need to eat to live. We need to live to eat. We have to work to eat - in order to live. That is how it is set up, and without laws, such as religion, people would go their own way. They would consume less - then who would be in charge? Like I said, we are born in a box, a spiritual prison, and it is up to each of us to wake up!

So this article is about taking the solo spiritual path, which is what I have done. What this means, is learning things on your own. Not belonging to a group, organisation or church. Having the sense of knowing that there is so much more in life. For example - why does the Catholic Vatican have a multi-storied underground vault full of secret things? To keep you in a box - to hide the truth in efforts to rule, govern and profit off of you. Why do you think you are born with a social security number? Because you are a product - not an individual. You can stand in a garage - it doesn't make you a car.

I want you to wake up. Break out of this cycle - and yes. I am putting myself at risk for talking about this. Having my own audience gives me the platform to speak the truth. I see all the lies around us. I see the fake news. I see the fact that churches don't have to pay tax - yet charge each and every one of their members. Their leaders having nice houses, expensive cars while their members sit in hunger. In the cold. Not having presents for Christmas, while the leader is eating a multi course meal.

Open up your eyes - take your own solo spiritual path. Learn for yourself. The truth is out there, you just have to find it. Don't let yourself be trapped inside of this box. Learn everything about each religion, and you will know for yourself. Religion is a box, a set of rules that makes someone else rich. An almighty god doesn't need your money. It is my belief that religion is man made in order to rule, control and profit off the people.

The path that I have taken is much different. I learn everyday. I am very spiritual, just not to a religion. I am spiritual in the sense that I am open to everyone's option, I do not judge. To each their own. I am open to energy, the world around me, what lurks in the shadows, mystery ... and you won't find that in any book.

Always keep an open mind - the energy around us is endless and isn't in a box - so don't allow yourself to be in one.

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