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Telepathy: Step by step guide

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with another person over any distance without the power of speech. It is the communication between two minds without using sensory perceptions. This can be done by practice and practice alone. I’ve had this ability ever since I was a small child and I remember just assuming everyone had this ability. It wasn’t long after starting preschool that I had realized I was the only one who could do this - at least with the people I’ve surrounded myself with. Telepathy is a very special ability that can be useful in every way possible. It takes a lot of practice and development. With this article today I want to give you a step by step guide to developing this gift of telepathy.

Before I get started, there are some signs I want to go over first that you do in fact have this gift from a personal perspective. For me, I have this tone in my ear - a really high pitched frequency that goes off whenever I know another mind is trying to link with mine, or when someone it about to reach out. I focus on this frequency which is always only in one ear and I can almost always tell who it is going to be. That is one sign of telepathy because you directly link with their minds to see who it is. Another sign you have it is you can be in the same room as someone and think of a certain thing or word or phrase and so on. A few seconds or minutes later someone will say that exact thing or you’ll hear it on the TV. It works in different ways and those are beginner signs to look for with this special ability.

Step one is meditation. Meditation is the practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. It includes many different practices, the art of forgiving and the development of concentration and memory power. A rather ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single pointed concentration. Meditation can take us to amazing places and I always recommend to my clients a sound bath. It’s a bath using sounds and frequencies opposed to water and typically it takes two different frequencies, brings them together and pulsates them. Think of an instrument fading in and out of tune. It is sort of like that and it’s something I personally use. Do a YouTube search for ‘sound bath’. I find it beneficial in every way. The point is meditation is always the first step in utilizing your telepathy. It has been scientifically proven to help balance out emotions and agile mental states. It quiets your mind allowing you to acknowledge what is bothering you and as a result you’re able to let it go.

Step two is identifying the target. Unfortunately telepathy cannot be practiced alone as it is the art of communicating with another mind. You need another mind in order to practice. Not knowing your target can be a lot harder in the beginning for comfort reasons and the mind never works good under pressure. Regardless, you must identify the target in your mind, see them in your mind and know who you are linking to even if you don’t know them in real life.

Step three is sending and receiving. For a lot of beginners this is where you’ll find the most problems - especially in the receiving end. Common problems are not being able to receive anything or not being sure how to send it. Other issues can be locking on to the target. It’s not easy at first yet like riding a bicycle once you get it down you’ll never forget how to do it. This step can be rather tricky because it works differently for everyone. You can use the visualization method or the infamous just do it method. For the visualization method, visualize an empty room with a pond in the middle. The water is crystal clear and each time you get a thought that water turns dark. No thoughts means the water is still clear and a lot of thoughts coming in means the water is black. Now you have to ask yourself who, what and why. See what comes through in that pond. Why a pond? When you are receiving, the pond will act as the reflector of your targets sent thoughts. When sending, the pond acts as the reflector of your target. If the water is crystal clear then the reflection is invisible. Whenever the water is dark no reflection can happen. When it comes to the just do it method things can be a bit more difficult. It means just envisioning a direct link between the two of you and just put the thought into their mind. It’s something I practice daily and am very good at it.

To sum this article up today, you have to first relax, second identify your target, third send or receive. Practice is everything. A body builder cannot lift 300 pounds in one day, so you shouldn’t expect to be perfect your first day either. Perfection comes from practice, dedication and motivation. I hope by supplying you with a step by step method to developing telepathy you’ll now be more open to your true potential. Everyone has this ability, just open yourself up to it. Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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