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The Adam & Eve Story: CIA Classified Document

If you don't believe history is being covered up, you may after reading this article.

In 1963 a man named Chan Thomas wrote a book called 'The Adam & Eve Story' which would almost immediately be banned and classified by the CIA. Mr. Thomas went into detail in this book regarding past civilizations, truth of religion, truths of the Universe and world cataclysms that came in cycles. This book contained so much detail that when it was banned and classified, it took decades to be sanitized and declassified to the public. Why was it classified? Because we aren't supposed to know our true history. We aren't supposed to know the reality of anything because that would give us power. We aren't supposed to know that we live in a plasma Universe, which is something else Mr. Thomas talks about in his book. Upon being declassified, all of the important parts had been scrubbed out.

'The Adam & Eve Story' talked about "missing time" and "history falsification" theories, and presumes many technologically-advanced ancient civilizations existed before us. Why would 'they' want this information redacted? Simply because this single-handedly would take power from religion, and religion is the number one money maker in the world, that is where the elite gain their control. This book posed a serious risk to the very foundation modern society has been built upon.

After doing some heavy research online on this topic, I was led to a Reddit forum that really went into much more detail than I would be able to, and below is what I have come across:

"There is insurmountable evidence that we are the 6th advanced civilization to exist upon this earth, each time getting wiped out by a calamity. I've wondered why America has long had the Smithsonian cover up many ancient artifacts that don't fit their narrative, such as the hieroglyphs in the grand canyon, or the bones of giants all over America, but then I realized the truth rather recently: control. The CIA just declassified a document called The Adam and Eve Story which is about exactly this. Nobody is quite sure who wrote it, however it appears to be written by a scientist working for the government deciphering ancient texts then stumbling upon a terrible fact, that every 5-6-thousand years, the strength of the poles wane and begin to change positions.

When this occurs, the mantle keeping our landmass in it's current position turns to jelly, causing the landmasses to be pulled 90-degrees, while the water on the earth stays put. It's like dropping an object into a glass of water then spinning the glass in a circle: the water stays put while the world around it moves. So, the world as we know it is obliterated in days, submerged under the ocean for 40-days (aka Tale of Gilgamesh, or Noah and the ark) until the poles finish their shift, at which point the North pole becomes the South and vice versa. I believe that the rest of the story which was redacted tells of the survivors having to live in caves and resort to cannibalism to survive. I believe it's why the Aztec and N. American Indians both tell of a white man visiting them and giving them seeds to grow and teaching them how to harvest. I also believe those in power know this, and want to keep is a secret knowing full well that if they don't, they might have massive riots and won't be able to keep their "livestock" docile.

What better way to fool the masses than to make them think they are being saved (such as the boats in the movie 2012), when in reality they are being taken to a facility where they will be used to feed the elite? How long will it take to regrow enough vegetation on Earth to not resort to cannibalism? Do some research, our poles currently are moving rapidly already! Then read up on all the elite politicians and leaders visiting Antarctica now! I couldn't find any credible links, which is odd due to how many have been going up there, from the Pope, to John Kerry, to major leaders." Reddit Forum.

Below I have included all 57 pages of the full declassified document The Adam and Eve Story. I do not own this, it is public information that I am providing to you here on my platform. Scroll through it to read it front to back:

What I take away from all of this is this book was classified for a reason, and the government is not going to go this far out of their way to sanitize a document if it's contents weren't accurate. The world goes through cycles. It's been this way for as long as time itself, and nothing you are taught in the media or in school is true. Open your mind, knowledge is power so learn as much as you can. See how far this rabbit hole goes.

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RVP Platform has obtained an uncensored version of the re-released book that Chan Thomas wrote himself. He went through a different publisher in the 90's and was able to get most of that information out again.

Again, I do not own this information. I did not write this book. This is public information, which is how I found it. I do not claim ownership but out of the Fair Right Act to public information, it is my responsibility to bring it to you.

Click the link below to see the full unedited and uncensored version:

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