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The Future: Can it be changed?

A common question I get a lot from my clients is "can the future be changed". You see, my line of work as a professional psychic requires me to give a lot of bad news daily, along with the good news too of course. Sometimes horrible things come up in sessions when connecting - scary things - and it is my job to have to break the news to some people. Naturally, when a client hears something bad, the first question is: can it be changed. In this article, I am going to be talking about some situations I have been in, and I am going to talk about whether or not the future can be changed - or is it set in stone.

In March of 2018, I had a client who I will call Rita in this article. Rita is a very positive person, working in the healthcare field as an emergency medic for the emergency room at her local hospital. Rita has a young son who she would drive to school every morning before work. She had came to me one morning to see how her test was going to go at work. She had been taking classes to raise up in rank, in efforts to have a higher income to support her and her son. When connecting to her energy, something completely random and off topic came flooding in. I didn't see her passing the test, because I felt she would never make it to the test. I had seen her turning into the school to drop off her son, getting hit by a huge semi-truck, and it killing both her and her son. Naturally, nobody wants to hear things like this - and it can become scary because some people can't handle that type of news.

I felt it was my responsibility to let her know, this is life or death. So I did what had to be done: I told Rita what I had seen. She freaked out for a little while, understandably so, and had come back to me asking if it could be avoided. While the future is a tricky thing, everything is energy and tampering with that can cause a chain of events that are unstoppable. Everything happens for a reason. However I wasn't okay with this. So I did a little digging - and I came to the conclusion that the only way for her to avoid this is to stay away from the school that day. Just keep her son out of school that Monday and I do feel it will be avoided.

There are consequences for every action, both good and bad in life, as mentioned earlier - a series or chain of events. I still had a bad feeling, but I knew she would be safe. Anyhow, she took my advice, and kept her little boy out of school that day. Sure enough, the wreck still happened right there at that turn into the school - only instead of it being her and her little boy that died, another parent and their daughter had been killed in the wreck. No matter what, the wreck was going to happen that day, and life was going to be taken. That was the grand design, and it had to happen. She avoided it, but the wreck wasn't avoided completely. This really shook her up. So you see, yes, the future can be changed - yet there are risks that come with trying to change the future. I am really happy she took my advice, because she is still alive today.

This next experience happened about four years ago. I had a client who I will call Amanda in this post. Amanda is a stay at home mom, selling Avon to make a side income. Her husband was a full time mechanic, and loved her very much. Amanda was desperate to start a family, she and her husband had been talking about getting pregnant for awhile, yet she wanted to come to me to see if there would be any issues beforehand. She talked about how they had just bought a two storied home in a suburban gated community, life seemed to be going perfect, and she felt it was time to bring a child into the world.

This is usually a wonderful energy, and I love giving pregnancy readings - the energy of pregnancy is purely unique and powerful - a real magical 9 months for a woman to experience. She was expecting all green flags, and two thumbs up telling her she was good to go, and quite honestly that is what I expected to see as well. It couldn't have been further from the truth. What I saw horrified me - because the energy of death was all over this woman. I saw miscarriage after miscarriage, followed by a still born child. This woman's body was rejecting all of the babies.

After I told her this, again, she was horrified - I would be too if I was her. This is awful news, and it is down right scary. She pondered on it for awhile - and decided she didn't believe me and would go ahead and try to have children. I wished her the best, because I knew I had done all I can do - and she went on with her life, just as I had to do.

About 6 months had passed, and she had resurfaced, desperately needing a reading. She had confirmed - she had two miscarriages. She didn't know why - but she just couldn't get very far into a pregnancy at all. She had lost all hope, it was causing her marriage to fall apart, they were fighting, she was depressed - life was at a spiral and it wasn't slowing down. She ended up asking me if she was cursed, because it definitely seemed like it. During that session - it was clear that she wasn't cursed at all - this was an issue inside of her body. She asked me if the future miscarriages and still born could be avoided at any cost. I felt horrible for her. I know how changing the future causes a ripple effect, yet I am also a protector and will do anything for my clients. They are my family - and they can always rely on me. So, I re-connected to her energy and I did see that there was a way this all can be avoided. It was something that the doctors had not picked up about her somehow - and it had to do with her blood.

I saw that her body was fighting off these pregnancies, rejecting them as a foreign object, and this is what was killing her children. She needed to get a blood test to check her blood type, because I felt that her blood type was conflicting with the blood type of the child, and her body was seeing it as a tumor, trying to kill it. Sure enough, a few weeks later she had come back to me, she informed me that she had a rare RH- blood type, and that next time she got pregnant, she had to take certain shots to prevent her body from attacking the fetus again. She ended up having a beautiful baby boy, no health issues at all, full term pregnancy - and was able to avoid the still-born child. I know that this caused a ripple somewhere else - however she now has her dream family, the future was altered and her life is forever changed for the better.

The point of this article is to show you that yes, just because something bad may be predicted in your future by a psychic, it doesn't mean that it can't be avoided. Everything can be changed, unless it has already happened. From these two experiences I just shared with you - the thing you can learn is it is okay to be scared. It is okay to have doubts or questions. That is what a psychic reading is for - to help you get through these tough times. If you find your life going down a path you don't want it to go down, you can change it. You can change future outcomes based on the decisions you make right now. Sometimes change can be scary, that is very true - sometimes I even get scared. You are strong, you want to succeed, you want to live your best life without the negative issues impacting it.

So make your future a better one by being more wise with your decisions today. One step at a time always leads you to a brighter future. Have you ever had to make serious changes that ended up saving you or someone you know? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to share this article with your friends & family. It may save their lives as well.

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