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The Importance of Pushing On

During my long career as a psychic professional, I have come across so many different types of people, situations and circumstances. I have met the widest possible varieties of people you can imagine. Some angry. Some sad. Some curious. Some scared. The one thing all of these people had in common was they had an issue (or issues) that they just couldn't get through alone, and they needed me to help provide them answers so that they could get back on track.

There are those that are in love, and just aren't getting that attention back that they deserve, or they are left wondering how the 'significant other' feels about them. There are those that are being plagued by evil spirits or black magic that need help. There are those that need help on their career path's. There are those who are in danger that need to know how to get out of it. There are people missing that need found. The list goes on and on, and trust me, I deal with it all plus more.

I wanted to write a post today discussing the importance of not giving up. The importance of pushing through the tough times, and giving you a few client examples hoping that in some way you may be able to relate, and learn from these stories. I know in the past clients have not liked me sharing their stories, and I understand that. All clients have a strict private confidentiality with me, it is true. However, I find that by changing genders, and changing names in these examples, no harm is done, and confidentiality is still maintained. I just feel that sometimes people learn better by hearing other people's issues, and how they got through it.

So having said that, in this post I want to give a few excellent examples of certain clients and obstacles that they are facing. In these examples, had these clients have given up, they would have never found happiness. Through all of their sessions, some of them daily, they had sometimes lost all hope. As I always tell all of you, the only curse of a psychic reading is knowing the future, but not having the patience to wait for it to happen. So in these two cases that I am about to tell you about, patience is exactly how they made it to happiness, even though they didn't like it and wanted to give up, I kept letting them know to keep strong, to remain patient. Their patience paid off, which is why it is important to push on.

Let's start with the story of Amanda. Amanda lives in Kentucky, USA, and is only one year out of high school. Amanda is, and has been, in love with a guy name Isaac every since elementary school. They were and always been soulmates. They shared their first kiss on the playground in the new tire toy that was installed. They had always chosen each other on the soccer team. They took each other to prom two years in a row. They shared everything, yet when graduation happened, Amanda stopped hearing from Isaac and it was tearing her up inside. This had never happened, they loved each other, or so she thought.

So Amanda had come to me about this issue, heartbroken because she didn't understand if it was over. She didn't understand if this was just a high school fling, or if this was really meant to be. So to make a long story short, in Amanda's session a lot of things were seen. I had seen a pregnancy, one that didn't make it. I had seen Isaac in a horrible car wreck, one that did permanent damage to his leg. I had seen true love and concern for Amanda coming from his heart. I let her know instead of being mad at him for not contacting her, she needs to be concerned, because something wasn't right. I let her know of this accident. I let her know of this pregnancy. She was floored.

So as it turns out, a few weeks before graduation, Amanda had a miscarriage. She never told anyone about this, and was freaked out that it came up in the reading. I let her know that Isaac had been hurt. He had gone four-wheeling with his friends up at some sand dunes, and he had shattered his leg. All she had to do was go by his house, and his parents confirmed he was still at the hospital with pins in his leg. She instantly felt horrible for assuming the worst. The first thing he had said to her when she went to visit him was that he has been trying to contact her, trying to reach her. It wasn't his fault she had changed her number thinking the worst. Through all of it, I let her know to keep strong, that his heart was with her, and to this day they are still hand in hand, amazingly in love, and have plans to get married. Just one example why even when you think the worst, sometimes your mind just creates issues out of fear, and sometimes those issues don't exist. When your session says to keep strong, it says it for a reason.

My last example today is for a client named Charles who lives in the UK. Charles has been through a lot, and he recently had lost his wife, who had several strokes leading up to her death. She was only 32 years old, and he was 35. This trauma really broke him down. He had lost his job. Lost his home to foreclosure. Lost friends. His life had crashed down. He was married to his true love, and within 13 hours she had went from perfectly healthy to dead. There was no knowing, there was no saying goodbye. This broke him into several pieces, and he just didn't know how to pick himself back up from this.

So Charles had went months without a job, watching everything around him just flush down the drain, losing everything. He had started drinking, started reclining to the point he wouldn't ever leave his home room, now living back at his parents home. He had applied for job after job, nobody wanting to hire him. Business after business, interview after interview. It just wasn't working out and he reached out to me as a last resort. It was either he get answers, or he was willing to take his own life. That is what it had come down to.

When Charles reached out to me, I had immediately felt all of this hurt and pain. He wasn't trying to lose everything on purpose. His heart was in pain. He lost the second half to who he was, and there were personal messages that came through for him from his wife, ones that weren't asked for, but I had felt it was important to give him. Through that, he had found that cash she had hidden in their bedroom floor vent. It was something her father had given her before he passed as a safety net. Through his session he was able to find that, yet he was able to also know that within three months of that time, he would be hired on as a local news anchor. It was important for him to keep pushing on.

This cash got him through his toughest time. It allowed him to pay off those debts, and I had heard from him just a few months ago, about 5 months from the time I had heard from him last. He was now a popular news anchor in the UK, he had healed and had found comfort. He thanked me for persisting he pushed through the hard times, and had thanked me for saving his life.

So you see, it is true. We are all afflicted with hard times in our lives, and it is never easy. Sometimes we may want to give up. Sometimes we may not see a way through, yet with patience, persistence, faith, and hope, you can get through these hard times. As each and every one of you know that are my clients, I do not judge, I do not discriminate, I am your friend, and I am someone you can trust. If I do not feel there is hope there, I won't tell you there is. Yet if I do let you know to keep strong, I am saying it for a reason.

Have hope each day knowing that you are alive, you were given another chance. Tomorrow is never for certain, but you can live today with that motivation in your heart to make each second the best it can be. So give that someone you love a hug, or take in that deep breath of fresh air. You are alive, so there is always hope for a better tomorrow! Have a good day, and remember to smile. There is always someone out there that has it much worse, but regardless, you always have my support.

Written by Demetri Welsh of Raw Vegan Psychic.

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