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The Mind: Our biggest enemy

As a professional psychic, I have had many clients who have been in very tough situations. Situations that required patience and trust. I have seen people lose out on amazing things in life because they let their mind over analyze everything. This causes the person to start creating issues in their minds that don't really exist, and therefore end up ruining things completely. It is sad, but it happens all the time. We are all human after all, and we can't help but feeling the way we do sometimes. In today's article, I want to talk about a few client situations that stand out the most to me as great examples of how someones mind can either work in their favor, or ruin it completely. Names of clients of course have been changed for their privacy.

The first example I want to give today is from a client named Tod. Tod has been married to his beautiful wife Krissy for about 5 years when he started to think she was having an affair. She started acting differently, she started being distant, she stopped being intimate. She started being secretive with her phone. He let it go for a few months, but he had finally had enough and couldn't take it anymore.

So Tod came to me basically telling me he was sure she was having an affair, and needed confirmation. He already had plans to pursue a divorce, had already let his parents know he may need to come back for a little while..he really had everything planned out. When connecting to Tod's energy, I was seeing something completely different than what he was saying. I told him that she is not having an affair, I am sure of it. That she was in fact hiding something, but it wasn't what he thought. Before I could even let him know what it was I was seeing, he had already told me I was wrong, called me a fake psychic, and requested a refund. Everyone is free to believe whatever it is they want to believe. A psychic is here to help guide you. We aren't here to force you to do anything outside of what you want to do.

In this case, Tod ended up divorcing Krissy. He was for sure she was having an affair. What I had seen, if he only let me finish it, was that she was pregnant and scared. It was his child of course, but they had thought she couldn't have children. This was a miracle, and she didn't know how to tell him. That is why she was hiding her phone, being less intimate, being secretive. She ended up having the child, and he wanted back into her life. She hasn't taken him back yet, but he is still an active part of the taking care of the child. He will change, and rebuild that bridge with her. They will be married again. This just shows how your mind can create issues that aren't there. Issues that really can ruin your whole life, so it is important to really think about everything clearly, and not overreact. To get solid answers before acting on your emotions.

Anyhow, there is one more story that I want to tell you about. This one is sad, because some people are very set in there ways. They have their own way of thinking, and are clearly not open to other opinions at all. I have a client named 'Jessica'. Jessica works as an exotic dancer at a popular LA strip club. She isn't proud of her job, yet it supports her and her three year old daughter. She never graduated high school, she doesn't really have training in anything. It has basically been her taking care of herself since she was 16, and she was now 21. Jessica was very stubborn, she has every right to be. She has been so independent her whole life, having to deal with abuse even as a toddler. Now that she has her own child, she came to me asking how to get out of this lifestyle. She wanted to find something more professional, something she could be proud of and not have to worry about being embarrassed if her daughter ever found out about what she does.

These are great aspirations and goals, and when connecting to her energy, I was actually shocked what I saw. It was horrifying to say the least. I didn't see that she would ever get to have a professional office job like she dreamed of, when looking into her energy, I had seen things changing for the worst, very fast too. I let her know that I saw her driving her daughter to her friends house, who lived in a blue home, within the next few weeks. I let her know that her daughter wasn't buckled in, and they were hit by a large black truck, causing her daughter to take a fatal blow to the head. Her being a protective mother instantly took up defense. She confirmed that her babysitter, her best friend, does live in a blue house, and that shocked her. Yet she felt that I was just trying to scare her. One thing all my clients know is I don't reveal anything in a session with alternative motives.

If what I see is good, you are told good things. If anything bad comes up, it is always revealed to the client no matter how gory it is. That is what I am known for, but I always say everything I see, it is my responsibility. Anyhow, there was no convincing her. In her mind, she had it set I was just trying to scare her into getting another session, (apparently she has had bad experiences with other psychics before), so she gave me a bad review and went on her merry way. I didn't hear back from he for about a month and a half later, and that was to contact her daughter, she had been killed in a car wreck on the way to her babysitters house.

What I am trying to get to, is that it is important to not only listen to everything very carefully that comes through in a reading, but my point is also to not over analyze things. To keep an open mind. To not allow yourself to create issues in your mind that don't exist, it only lands you in a worse place than you were in before. While thinking about things all the way through before you react is important, thinking about things too much tends to get us in trouble. If you ever need help making a decision, I will be here to help you through it! So smile, have yourself a good night, and always be grateful for everything you have, and everyone in your life!

Written by Demetri Welsh of Raw Vegan Psychic.

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