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The Universe: Is it telling you something?

How many times have you asked for an answer or a sign from the Universe telling you which direction you should take in life? How often have you felt alone and unsupported? How many times have you asked for any sign at all but didn’t know how to receive it? The fact is the Universe is talking to us all the time and trying to get our attention. It’s trying to guide us and connect with us - it’s trying to wake us up.

We live in a physical world making it hard for the Universe to just tap us on the shoulder and tell us that we are on the right path or making the right decision. If we are constantly worrying, overthinking things, rushing, judging or being too busy we’re never going to realize when the Universe is trying to get our attention. We have to be present, open and willing to receive these answers. When you are tuned in to how exactly the Universe is trying to communicate with you life becomes a lot less confusing. You start to feel a lot more connected and aligned. The real key here is to just slow down, just live life at a much slower pace. Be as present as you can be so that you can actually tune into these signs when they show up in your life.

Every single sign you get from the Universe is an actual miracle - it is a direct connection to the source. When you see a sign, the Universe is directly communicating with you, guiding you and you are in fact surrounded by pure love. It’s never going to be like you see in movies. No angels falling from the sky, no face in the clouds talking to you, at least not in physical form. The Universe isn’t just out there watching out - it’s in everything, in everyone, it is you and it is everything around you. This means you can get a sign in the shower, while you are watching TV, while you are laying in bed or walking down the street.

The moment when you get a sign doesn’t have to be all glamorous, yet it’s always for a reason. In this article today I want to go over different ways the Universe communicates with you. These signs are not a one size fits all type of deal. You have to interpret than intuitively, letting go of your ego and fears - let your intuition guide you.

The first way the Universe communicates with you is through other people. It has a way of using people as carriers for certain messages. This can be through a random person who tells you something or does something that sparks within you and triggers a deep knowing. It can also be a random opportunity that is being offered, getting a call from someone, hearing something on the radio and so forth. Of course not everything you hear is going to be a sign, but it is a sign when you already have something on your mind and what you hear directly relates to what you were thinking. This is the most common type of communication.

The second way the Universe is communicating with you is through synchronicity. This means a random occurrence of events that seen serendipitous, coincidental - related yet are not connected by any one thing. For example, you are driving to the store, you see someone with a blue balloon. You get to the store, and the cashier has a blue balloon at her register. As you drive home, you see another blue balloon at a baby shower. These are not just coincidences, there is a message in there for you. Synchronicities are powerful methods of communication, and the more you start to awaken the more you will experience them. Often times you won’t even have to read too deeply into them, it’s just a matter of recognizing that something way bigger is happening behind the scenes telling you that you’re on the right path.

The third way the Universe communicates with you is through numbers. Seeing patterns or certain sequences of numbers such as on license plates, the clock, your ticket number - things like that all have hidden meanings. 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 12:34, 111, 333, 444 - each number sequence can have a more specific meaning if you analyze what the numbers mean in numerology. You can also see random numbers that may not mean anything to someone else, but for you it’s special. For example, I always see 3:30 on the clocks which is my husbands birthday - March 30th. I also see 10:07 on the clocks which happens to be my birthday and what this tells me is we are soul connected and on the right path together.

The fourth way the Universe communicates with us is through songs. Have you ever had someone pass you randomly singing a certain song, or overheard a certain set of lyrics from someone else’s radio? Have you ever had a random song pop into your head and you don’t know why? When these things happen and you feel a strong connection to the song, it is probably something you need to investigate. Listen to the specific lyrics that you’re hearing - there could be a message in them for you. If it’s a familiar song such as the one you listened to on your wedding night, or it reminds you of a certain memory, then interpret the meaning of the sign from that perspective.

The fifth way that the Universe communicates with us is through random thoughts. You may have a random thought just pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere. This can be a solution to a problem, an inspiration, an idea - anything really. For example, if the thought pops into your head of a certain person - then perhaps you need to call them as something important may be going on at that exact moment with them.

There are many more signs such as specific words, physical signs, dreams, symbols from nature, deep feelings, objects, technological malfunctions, issues in your body, setbacks and so forth. The fact is there are no limits to the ways the Universe communicates with us. You should pay attention to these signs if they keep happening over and over again within a short period of time. Persistence and repetition are surefire ways that the Universe is trying to tell us something.

When these signs come to you, don’t over analyze or over think the sign. Don’t try to make sense of it logically. If you over investigate it then it stops being a sign. The Universe always has your back, and its intelligence works with great simplicity. Don’t overthink it. For example, when you see 11:11 or 1:11 on the clock, it means you are on the right path and you’re not wasting your time. To keep pushing forward because it’s worth it. I see that one a lot.

The Universe always knows what you need even before you know what you need. All you have to do is look for the signs trusting that you’re being lead and supported every step of the way. Trust is important, everything happens for a reason. You are a part of the Universe, it is the essence of who you really are. When you see these signs, listen to your intuition as each sign is very important.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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