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Things that irritate psychics the most..

You always hear the stories about how people get annoyed or irritated with their psychics, yet one of the things you never hear are the things that psychics get annoyed with regarding their clients. It is just something that isn't spoken about. So in today's post, I will be talking about the things that annoy me as a professional psychic. I want to talk about some things I go through that just really get under my skin. I feel it is important for these things to be brought to light, so that you, the reader, can see things from the inside. Psychics are humans too, we aren't gods. We aren't all powerful. We have feelings too, and sometimes we are treated horribly by clients, yet it is our job to remain professional, keep strong and also keep in mind we are here to help people. I hope by hearing the things that really affect me emotionally as a psychic, you will be more aware of how you proceed with psychics in the future.

One of the first things that really bother me as a professional psychic is when I sit in a session, I give valuable advice, and it isn't followed - yet you still expect the prediction to manifest as seen in the reading. The reason that advice is given in a session is to work as a road map for you - to tell you what needs to happen in order for the prediction to happen. For example, if the reading told you not to contact someone - not to keep pushing and to let them come to you - and that is how you two will be together, but you insist on still contacting them regardless of what I said, you can't expect the prediction to still happen. This bothers me as a psychic because it makes me feel like not only have I been wasting my time giving you the information you wanted, but it also hurts my feelings when I am treated with disrespect because you couldn't follow the advice given to you, and the prediction didn't happen. You must realize a psychic reading is a guiding light, it is your choice what to do with it, but you can't get mad at the psychic when you can't follow the instructions. It just isn't fair to me at all.

The second thing that bothers me as a psychic is being asked the same thing over and over again, all the time. Coming to me even weeks after the session, daily, asking for updates not wanting to get a new session. I understand that all minds are curious, that is just the way we are built. That isn't what bothers me - what bothers me is you must realize a real energy connection is made in the session, and it is through that energy connection that information is pulled. All readings are accurate at the time of the session, and depending on what you do with the reading, your prediction will manifest. Asking for daily updates outside of a session is impossible. After each session has ended, the energy connection ends with it. This is mandatory to connect to the new clients energy, to complete their session. Every new question needs to be in a new session to guarantee accuracy. Asking the same question is okay, as long as it is in a new session. That may seem unfair to some people, however when you understand how energy works it will all make sense.

The third thing that really bothers me as a professional psychic is being told I shouldn't charge for what I do - that by charging I am scamming people. This is super unfair, but you would be surprised at how often I am told this. Think of it this way - there are many talents that make the world go around. You have singing, painting, dancing, cooks, actors, doctors and the list goes on and on. All of these take talent - and shouldn't you get paid for your talents? What is the difference between someone who charges for painting a picture and me charging to give readings? It all takes talent. It bothers me when people say I can't charge for providing readings, it makes no sense. That is like going into McDonald's and saying it is wrong of them to charge you for your happy meal. Someone spent time on making that burger and they deserve to get paid. My readings take real energy, real time out of my day. They are all typed up individually by hand. Each new client is a new connection. I have a family to support too. Why shouldn't I get paid for what I do? This is just another thing that really gets to me as a psychic - and I deal with it all the time.

The fourth thing today that really bothers me in my line of work is clients feeling it is okay to ask free questions. They expect this out of me, and is another thing I deal with all the time. People don't realize it takes real energy for what I do. Each question is a new area I have to focus on, and takes a real connection. I get told off all the time because I require new sessions for new questions, however that is how I run my business. I charge per question due to the way I connect to the energy around that question. It takes focus, concentration, energy and time. A lot goes into each and every question. I have clients that will order a one question reading, long time clients of mine, and think it is okay for them to ask multiple questions. This happens daily. I try to not say anything because I don't want to hurt anybodies feelings - but at the same time it hurts my feelings to be taken advantage of by clients of mine. The sad thing, is some clients feel it is my obligation to answer more questions for them because of the friendly connection we have made. Business is business, and this is how I run it. If I was to do this for everyone, I just couldn't keep the business open. So once again, this is yet another thing that gets to me as a professional psychic.

Another thing that gets to me on a daily basis giving readings are the people who automatically come in with attitude. They are against the world, and there is literally not a thing anyone can do to change their minds. They come in for a reading, and are throwing attitude, writing in all caps - all before I even have a chance to say a word. Then I have to sit the whole time, getting called names, being told how all psychics are fake - just because they had a bad experience with another psychic. I feel I get stereotyped, most psychics do. The fact is we are here to help you, we are here to guide you and to lead you back to happiness and understanding. We are not against you. We do not make things happen. We do not cause these bad things to be happening in your life. While it is okay to be angry because it happens to everyone, taking your anger out on me as your psychic is not only unfair, it isn't right. I do have the right to fire clients, just like clients can fire me, and I have unfortunately had to fire clients because of their anger. Psychics aren't to blame for bad things happening in your life, but we are here to help. Please treat us like you would want to be treated.

The sixth thing that sort of get's to me as a psychic is being lied to. There have been countless people that come in to 'test' the psychic. They give fake names, fake situations, they lie about things going on in their life, and all the meanwhile they still expect an accurate session. This makes no sense to me. It is like going into a restaurant, ordering a peanut salad knowing you are allergic to peanuts, just to get mad at the business. Sounds crazy, I know, but there are the people that do this. They set you up to fail. I am pretty good at catching these people, and I call them out on it. For example, if a client comes to me telling me their parents died in a horrible car wreck, and give me this huge story of how their life is so bad, and wants a reading. So I connect, I still feel their parents as being very much alive - and I get confused because here they are telling me they just died. After bringing it up, sure enough - their parents didn't die, they did get in a wreck, but not even a scratch. Some people lie to make their life appear worse than it is. This doesn't help the reading at all. Another example is I had a woman come to me asking for a love reading - she said she wasn't in a relationship and hadn't been in one for awhile. She was looking for love. So I connected, I felt that not only was she already married - but she also had a boyfriend on the side. She had lied to me - I brought this up to her and she got mad telling me I was looking into places I wasn't given permission to look. I ended up getting cussed out and had to cancel the order. Lies do not help you! Do not lie, and when you are wanting a genuine psychic reading, why lie to your psychic? Again, we are here to help you, so please be honest with us.

The last thing that I want to talk about is when people get mad at me for raising the prices of a psychic reading. Many people feel like this is a multi person business - when it in fact is really only me. I run two full time psychic reading businesses by hand. I do the readings, the bookings, the accounting, the advertising, the website maintenance, responding to emails, I write my own blogs and publish them, I buy the licenses for each photo I use in my blogs, I promote the blog posts - and there is only 24 hours in a day and most of the time my family doesn't even have time to spend with me. This business takes every waking moment - I even eat my meals while working. I have an amazing friend who is also a business owner. She told me that when I find I am having trouble keeping up with the orders, it means it is time to raise the prices. It isn't because I am seeking a higher income - that has nothing to do with it. My family is already taken care of. It is about trying to keep up with the demand. By raising my prices, I will in return get fewer readings, that way I can keep up with the demand. It isn't selfish at all - I feel that those who get irritated at that have to look at it outside the box. I am only one person, and this is the way I am able to keep up with the constant stream of readings and bookings. It is something that is hard to explain but makes perfect sense when you look at it from a business point of view. There are people who really get angry at this, they call me selfish and they don't like that I raise the prices at all. So hopefully now that I have explained why it happens, I hope you have a better more positive understanding as to why it happens.

Now that you have had a peek into some things I have to go through being a professional psychic, it does change things. It is not my purpose to come across as negative in any way at all. I give a lot of love into not only what I do, but each and every client. They become my family. It gets hard to create a boundary between personal and professional. Each person I come in contact with creates a bond. Yet you have always heard the horror stories that people have had with their psychics - and now you know it from the other side. You now know the things that get under my skin daily. There are many more, however I just wanted to show you that psychics are humans too. Yes there are fake ones out there, but not all of us are fake, and we can't be held accountable for the unfortunate experiences you may have had previously with someone else. We all do readings in different ways. Some use Tarot, others use crystals, some use runes - I use energy being born a natural psychic. Purely mind power, and that is the way it always has been for me. The fact is, we are all human, we all have feelings too, we all have families to support just like you do - and I am here to help you. Always be mindful of other people's feelings, and treat them how you want to be treated.

Are you a psychic? Do you agree with the things I have said? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family. I am sure they would love to hear the things psychics go through as well!

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