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Under Surveillance: It's begun

It isn't a coincidence that popular truthers, genuine psychics, and conspiracy theorists all report being followed or under surveillance. YouTube personalities such as secureteam10 have even come out about being stalked, watched and tapped since first starting coming out with the truth about things we aren't supposed to know. Truthers such as Anthony Comello, Max Spiers and Milton William Cooper have all even died or went missing after reporting being under surveillance. This is real, and after I wrote my post called History: We have all been lied to, it started happening to me. In today's post I want to write about it, to bring awareness to the fact this is real, and to dive into why it's happening to not only me, but other people too.

So, it was a couple of weeks ago that I had written this post that started it all for me. Before every post, I meditate on what I should write about. There are always so many things, but I go for what I feel can help the most people. That is when the topic of schools, and how we are fed a false education since birth came into my mind, and I knew it was the one. I didn't know what sort of backlash I would get for it, and it wasn't by the readers, it was by huge companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They completely blackballed my entire website after that from being allowed on the platforms at all. Not only could I not share my website links anymore, but nobody else could either. It was insane! They didn't give me a reason why, but I knew it was all about censoring. I had to appeal a couple times before they were approved, and had to threaten legal action. Of course I knew that would never even get to court, they aren't afraid of being threatened, but I had to make a statement. The statement was I wouldn't put up with the censoring. Anyhow, if you want to go read that post, click here.

After the appeals were approved, and I was allowed back on social media again, I was given a warning on my account. A flag, and now every post has to be individually approved, it's crazy. I then let it go, moved on with my life, and I noticed weird things happening. There would always be a black car with limo tinted windows around my house, following my vehicle, and it wasn't just a coincidence. This car had no license plate, and I know that's illegal, where I live anyhow. When I was having a phone conversation, there would be strange static and whispers in the background. I noticed my mail was being gone through. I have an 8-camera security system in and around my home. When a camera is recording, there is a little light that comes on. I started seeing that light on in random rooms in my house, and in the driveway. I don't have my cameras set to record all the time, they are motion activated, and this light would be on when there was no movement. Someone is watching through them. It brings a sense of insecurity, and a violation of my privacy.

This all started because of that post, and hasn't stopped. It is just intense how when someone comes out about a truth you aren't supposed to know, we are punished. It's true that you are lied to, and your mind is put into a box since the moment you are born. I have specific examples of that, and now I am living on edge for the most part. I am not a paranoid person. I have lived through too much to be paranoid, but this is right in my face. They aren't even trying to hide. When they see me or my husband go outside, they just sit there until we start walking up to the car, then they drive away only to resurface later. I've definitely upped my home security in the past few weeks.

Yet this is only one example of so many people experiencing this. All you have to do is a Google Search of being followed by a black car. There is something much larger going on for sure. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Tyler from secureteam10 on YouTube even made a video about it. He talks about how they sit in a parking lot by his house, and just watch. He is a popular YouTube personality that talks about government secrets, aliens and things like that. I would recommend checking out his channel. The video of him talking about being under surveillance is below:

The point I want to get to today is this is really going on, and it's now happening to me. I am not just going to disappear, so don't think that at all. I just want to shed light on the fact if there was nothing to hide, why censor us? If what we are saying isn't real, then why are they trying so hard to monitor, censor and put us under surveillance? It is a scary world that we live in, a really vast and deep one. You are only taught the basics to get you by such as math, some science and things like that. Yet when it comes to History, you know nothing about the truth of it. If you do, be careful about what you say, you too can become under surveillance.

Knowledge is power, but power is dangerous in the wrong hands. Be careful, watch what you say, but learn as much as you can. Keep an open mind. The truth is hidden in plain sight.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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