Update: Ongoing Dybbuk Box Experience

A few weeks ago I had published a blog post regarding the four Dybbuk boxes I had purchased on Ebay. I needed to write today to provide an update, because things have gotten stranger here at my home. Not long after my four Dybbuk boxes came in the mail, I had received a notification from Ebay letting me know that I've won an auction. This caught me off guard because I have never participated in any type of auction on Ebay, I don't even know how that type of thing work. I had bought my four boxes, and that was it. Apparently it wasn't it, because after checking out the actual action that I had won and now was being required to pay for, it was for the Dybbuk box above. This box is really scary, and I will tell you why.

The owner of the box before me had a really scary story in the listing for the box I had supposedly won from him. I will include that story below, and I know it sounds absolutely insane, but I will go on to explain why I do feel this box is legitimate. Here is the listing:

"Examined by my Jewish Friend, Carlos, this box is confirmed to be a Dybbuk. The translation on the top, from Hebrew to English, reads  'Dybbuk Evil'. The ancient Persians first called them the 'DJINN' - This Box is inhabited by a powerful and pre-ancient entity...possibly a Deity.

It was forced upon me by a Polish man named Egbert. He payed me 50 dollars to take the box. I thought that it was some kind of Polish Gesture of kindness but I was nearly fatally mistaken.

After the possession of my pet snake and after the Hooded entity visited me in the shower, I sought my Jewish friend Carlos. After expressing his disgust in me accepting the money, which he called, "A devil's trade", we both confronted Egbert to Shame him for the curse.

When we finally found Egbert, he folded with guilt and told us the story of this box. He explained to us that, 12 years ago, he was visited by a red & scaly Demon. It crawled into his bed while he was sleeping. "It had the bodily characteristics of a shiny lizard , but it had the head of a very small man." Egbert said this continued for weeks until he, himself, called his Jewish Friend, Hector. Together, he and Hector chased the hellish monster throughout that apartment. After having performed an ancient ritual and beating it mercilessly with a spatula, Rabbi Hector forced the demon inside this box, and finished the ritual. The whole ordeal lasted nearly 12 hours.

We, by rules of Ancient ceremony, could not force Egbert to take back the box. So we all agreed that only someone, by their own free will, may be the next owner. Some say there are ways to master the Djinn.

My experience with my pet snake was frightful. Her name is Madeline, and after Madeline rubbed up against the Dybbuk, she looked at me and, in the clearest voice, said "If I can reach a reptile, I will soon get to you!" That very instant, I retreated to the shower to try and regain my sanity. This is when I first met the hooded entity. In a ghostly, yet shadowy form, it reached into my shower and grabbed my arm..it wouldn't let go! At first I thought it was a prank, but when it raised it's head a little more, I could finally see beneath the hood. It appeared to be a Woman who Had no eyes! Her nails were so long that they were curly. She soon let go and slowly walked out of the bathroom. The next time I met her was in the back yard, But this time I was up the ladder & cleaning out the gutters. She shook the ladder that day..and that was the day I popped my hip out of socket, when I came screaming down and landed on a tree stump. The 50 dollars given to me to take the box, was nothing to cover those costs.

Now, in bad shape and all alone, I need this Ancient curse taken from me. Even Carlos won't come around it and he says that when he was only 9 years old, he saw a guy open a dybbuk box. Carlos says that a hand came out and smacked the guy so hard, that the coins flew out of his pockets."

Keep in mind, I don't ever recall actually putting in a bid for this box, so I found it weird, but went ahead and paid the money for it. I figured why not, it looks legitimate. Here are the pictures of the actual Dybbuk box:

I want to first say that I haven't experienced any further paranormal activity with the previous four boxes. The nightmares stopped as sudden as they started, the bad feelings around those boxes just never really was strong enough for me to think the boxes in my other post was real. I wanted them to be but honestly, I feel those Ebay sellers as just creating boxes and selling them as haunted. This box however is a completely different story. The first thing I noticed was the vibe I got from the box itself. It had a strong vibe, a feeling as if it was looking at me. Me being a psychic sensitive definitely feel strong energies from this box. I have an EMF detector that I turned on by the box, and it has a pulse. The pulse comes in threes ... thump thump thump. Then it would do it again. Really scary. The dogs have been on edge, they are now barking around three o'clock in the morning at the front door, only I have security cameras and there is never anything there.

I have this box now with the other four boxes in a blessed room in my home. I still feel it watching me when I walk by. I still feel someone at night standing in the other room. There is still that uneasy feeling, and also natural curiosity to see what is inside of it. There is definitely a crystal in there, which only makes it more real. Crystals are put in genuine Dybbuk boxes to help contain the spirit inside of it. To keep the spirit inside the box, and it's usually sealed with wax - but not always. This box is genuine, and some people would call me crazy for wanting something like this in my collection. I have vast understanding and instruction when it comes to dealing with spirits, I've done it my whole life. This doesn't really scare me, it just makes my heart race. It's hard to find something genuinely haunted, it really is. So many hoaxes online, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. As mentioned, the four boxes I bought from those other sellers on Ebay as listed on the other Dybbuk Box Post weren't real. I did get scammed with them but it's the gamble of online ordering. You get what you get. Below is the information from this seller, the one I purchased the genuine box from.

This box was purchased from awesomestfinds on Ebay. You can find the original listing here.

So what do you take from this? Not all Dybbuk boxes are fake, this one is definitely real but it doesn't have to be a scary experience. Just don't open the box no matter what you do! Stay safe, when working with spirits or dealing with a haunted item simply surround yourself with white light and salt. This will shield you and protect you from outside interference. Needing help with a haunting out of control? Contact me and explain your situation. I'll be able to help. Do you have a scary experience? Leave it in the comments below! You never know who is going through the same thing as you.

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