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Demetri Welsh | Who is he?

I was born in a large city named Mount Shasta in Northern California, USA. I was born to a family that couldn't take care of me, or my older two siblings, which resulted in us being removed from the home, and placed with the US Government. We would end up being separated and placed into different homes, never to see each other again.

I started developing my abilities at a very young age. I always knew I was different - I could feel it and so could the people around me. I was always more of an independent spirit, and chose to not really associate myself with other people. I was finding that I was able to feel the energies and emotions of the people around me - and it would always end with panic attacks. This would prove to be an issue I still deal with today.

I quit school at the age of 16 to get a job. I still received my education - but it wasn't in a public school. I ended up receiving my GED instead because I simply couldn't be around groups of people.

Growing up in foster care I experienced a lot of different types of abuse. Physical, sexual, mental, emotional and every other type of abuse you can go through. The home I was placed in that would end up being the family that adopted me weren't any different. My adopted mother had a bipolar condition, and she was one of the worst people I have ever met. Her husband loved her, still does to this day, and was willing to look past a lot of the abuse. Not that he was different himself - they both had anger. Me being the new little foster kid got the worst end of it.

It was storming one night pretty bad, and I was in a fight with my parents. My adopted father had me pinned on the floor by his knees while he would hit me in the face. She would just be watching him hit me, standing by the front door - with it open listening to the storm. Twisted people - and even 19 years later she is no different.

Anyhow, he had me pinned on the floor hitting me, and finally I had enough. This energy came through me and I looked him straight in the eyes as he locked onto mine. A lightning bolt struck the paved road directly in front of the home and he leaped off of me. The strike was so powerful that it had shocked my adopted mothers arm, who was standing right next to the metal screen door.

They say that abilities such as mine are more intense when scared, mad or extremely happy, and I agree with them. Throughout my life when experiencing stressful times I will find that light bulbs will literally just go out. They die. Same for electronics. I have gone through so many electronics such as computers, phones and televisions because they just burn out. It gets expensive and annoying.

I started giving public readings online when I was only 22 years old, and immediately rose to the top of every website I would work for. It wasn't until I was about 26 years old that I had met a man who I thought I fell in love with. I was blind to everything going on around me, and I ignored the energies I was feeling that were telling me he was a bad guy. I just knew he had a purpose in my life so I stayed with it.

He ended up stealing three cars from me, making me quit my job as a psychic, and ended up cheating on me, and leaving with everything I had. I have to admit - I did see this coming I was just blind to it, as we all are to some things we know aren't good for us. I ended up meeting the man who is now my husband through this ex of mine. It turns out that my ex was cheating on this man with me, and I thought he was cheating on me with him. Confusing - I know. However that is how we met, and we have now been happily married for many years.

This proved to me that everything does in fact happen for a reason. I had to go through all of that to meet my soulmate. The bad led to the good - and if I hadn't trusted my abilities that told me to stick with it - I would have never met my husband.

There are so many stories that I can tell you about my life, and the things I have been through. This is the purpose of the blog here on my website. I want to share with you guys my experiences. The lessons I have learned in life. Yes, I am a professional psychic - but that is only one part to who I am. I also love music, books, crystals, nature and plants, things that smell good and so on.

I felt I needed to make it clear that I am in fact only one person running this platform. I have no help. No tech crew or support staff answering my emails, doing my readings and maintaining the website. I do it all by myself. I have been asked about 8 times just this week alone if I really was the only person doing my readings, and the answer is yes. So now that you know a little about me, my past, who I am, what I like doing and some of what I have been through, I hope you can now have more of a sense of connection to me. I work around the clock, every day to be here for my readers and clients because I care about each and every single one of you.

With this post, it was my main goal to show you a little more about me, in efforts to prove to you that I am a real person, I go through things just like you do, I make mistakes, I feel pain and at the end of the day, I have a loving family to take care of as well. These gifts are just one of several parts that make me 'me'.

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