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Why am I having nightmares? Are they a sign?

Nightmares can be one of the scariest things we go through in life. They can seem so real - like we are actually there and these things are actually happening to us. Every culture has a different definition and reason for nightmares. In this article I will be giving the definition of what a nightmare is according to the dictionary, and I will also be giving my opinion and a few nightmares that I have experienced. Are nightmares a sign of something bad to come? Read through to the end to find out.

According to Wikipedia, a nightmare, also called a bad dream, is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong emotional response from the mind, typically fear but also despair, anxiety and great sadness.

This definition in my opinion only scratches the surface of a nightmare. A nightmare can mean so many things. Sometimes, a nightmare is only a reflection of the things we are going through in life. They can also be a manifestation of our fears, insecurities and the stress around us. An example of this would be a nightmare where you are naked in a public place. The people around you are fully clothed, and then there is you - naked head to toe without a clue as to how you got there and why this is happening.

So you look around in a panic only to find that your feet won't move and you have no energy at all. There is nothing you can do besides be there and experience this crippling humiliation. This would be an indication of fears manifesting in dreams. You being naked means you feel way out of place, uncomfortable and exposed. The fact that you weren't able to move, or only moved in slow motion means that you feel you are unable to do anything about feeling out of place. Like you have no other choice but to feel this way, therefor you can't get out of the situation.

This is just one example of countless scenarios of nightmares being a manifestation of your own fears and insecurities. There are other reasons we may be having nightmares as well, and they aren't as harmless as fears manifesting. These ones take a more sinister turn, so if you are easily spooked, this is where you stop reading.

There are darker entities in life - some call them demons. Others call them inter dimensional beings. They have also been called dark spirits, shadow people, etc. No matter the label, these are real entities and do have the capabilities of effecting our dreams. They feed off of fear, literally - it is what keeps their essences alive. So creating a sense of chaos while you sleep, they can feed off that energy with no disruption. This has been reported in many different forms. Some see a shadow in the room late at night. Others experience sleep paralysis. Others are awoken every night around 3:33AM - and then there are those who have the nightmares.

One simple way of helping ease that negative energy in efforts to cause a better night sleep is to burn white sage before bed. Another is to imagine a white light around you before you sleep. If you are having sleep paralysis, and you can't move, see this white light in your mind and see it get brighter and brighter. This will release you from that entity holding you down. It is all rather scary - the world around us is much deeper than we will ever be taught, that is for sure.

A few years ago, my husband was experiencing sleep paralysis. It had been something he experienced many times up until that point. He had always told me about the times this had happened. He would wake up in a panic. He wasn't able to move - so he lay there silently freaking out. He always mentioned seeing an older woman in the room when this would happen. Almost like a shadow person, but clearly an older woman.

For what seemed like months, there was nothing we could do. He would tell me about when it would happen, he would try to reach out to me for help, and nothing. When it was over, he didn't want to wake me - so he would go back to bed, or lay there until the sun would come up.

One night I was jolted awake around 3:00AM. I couldn't move and I had felt a sense of panic take over all of me. I couldn't even move my fingers, that is how strong this entity was. The weird thing is I had just been having a dream about this half horse, half man standing outside my bedroom window. This was a large creature - very tall and bulky. It was a dark brown and red color. Anyhow, it just stood there looking at me, and that is when I jolted awake. To this day I feel it was a guardian spirit or entity watching over me.

Anyhow, I couldn't move at all - and it was then I had seen that old woman that my husband was talking about. She stood there just staring at me, feeding off of me. I could feel it. I envisioned this white light and was able to take back over my body. I woke up to tell my husband about it, and it is still something I think about to this day. We haven't had sleep paralysis since then.

Another form of nightmares are premonitions of bad things to come - and these are at times hard to separate from other dreams. In a nightmare premonition, you will see things as they are right now. With the people you love around you, the place you live, nothing will be out of the ordinary. No demons, no magic, no flying around - none of that. Just life like it is right now. In this nightmare, you will see something bad happen to someone you love. This nightmare won't only happen once or twice. It has been known to last years until the tragedy in the nightmare manifests in life.

When I was younger I used to have this recurring dream of my adopted mother slipping and falling down this canyon, tearing open her cheek on the way down and dying at the end. I would tell her about this over and over again only for her to be rude to me and tell me to stop wishing it would happen. I wasn't wishing it would happen, I was trying to warn her. One summer they were planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in the USA. After seeing the pictures, I knew this is the place that she would be killed. She was going to slip through a railing and fall down it, leading to her gruesome death.

After weeks of complaining, panicking and having that dream every night they cancelled the trip, and I know for a fact that is the only reason she is still alive today.

So you see, nightmares can be a sign of something bad to happen, that is very true. Yet, they can also be our fears manifesting, or an actual entity. There are many reasons one can happen - and we all experience them in our lives. I hope now after reading my post, you have a better understanding of them, and know how to handle one the next time it happens to you.

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