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Why is my life going so bad? Is it karma?

A common question I receive as a professional psychic is: "Why is my life going so bad?" and another one is "Do I have bad karma from another life?"

These are excellent questions to ask, and in this article, I will be explaining not only past life karma and how it can effect this life, but also other reasons why life may be going bad for you, along with a client story to help you gain more of an understanding of what I am talking about.

According to Wikipedia, Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

While we have no current control over what we have done in the past, or even past life's, the fact is karma has no expiration date. We may be experiencing karma right now from several lifetimes ago. If we had good intent, and lived good lives - caring about people and doing no harm to anyone or anything, we will most likely have good care free lives in this current one. If we have had negative intent, harmed someone or something, or just lived a negative existence in the past or past life's, we will find this life has constant issues, nothing will seem to go right.

So in every literal aspect, yes, past life's can be the reason our current one has gone downhill for us - I see it all the time. Yet that is not the only reason a life can be bad. Sometimes we are just on the wrong path. We aren't living life to our fullest capabilities. Some of us barely scrape by in life, while others have an abundance of money. All the meanwhile their life can be sad, lonely, empty and it not be bad karma from a previous life at all. This comes down to our mindset. We may realize our potential, and expect that great life right now, without having to work hard for it and be patient for the hard work to actually pay off.

Being happy in life some may say is just a mindset. You can be in a really bad situation, yet have a positive mind without impulsive thoughts if you want to. Just like you can be in an awesome situation and still be negative. So mindset is absolutely another reason why your life may be bad or seem bad to you.

To give an example of this, I want to talk about a client of mine, in this post I will call her Molly to protect her identity and privacy.

Molly is very successful at what she does, and she hasn't been doing it long. She is a professional personal coach, host and a few other things - and only started it about six months ago. She has made a lot of money in the process - and has even met a young man named Phil who she has fallen in love with.

Molly is fresh out of a relationship about 8 months ago, and having already developed serious feelings for Phil - she is wanting things to be a little further in her life than they are right now. She knows that she is talented, hard working, motivated and has amazing dreams in life. Now - she wants the solid relationship with Phil as well. She is feeling stuck, like nothing really is going right for her, her career isn't taking off as quickly as she wants it to, and she is just feeling very down. Her friends aren't being as supportive as they could be - just a mess of a situation.

In this case, I had to let her know that I feel the reason she is looking down at her life right now is because she already knows how good she is at her career - and having several psychic readings regarding it, she knows how much success is there in the future - so knowing that brings a sense of wanting it now. This comes down to patience, and that negativity is what is bringing her down, along with the insecurities she already has which are not her fault. This applies to knowing the future with Phil as well. I have seen them together every since I first connected to the situation months ago. I have always seen amazing things between them - yet by her knowing what is to come, I feel it creates an impatient energy and a sense of wanting it now.

In this situation, the sense of nothing going right for her is her own sense of insecurities and lack of patience that are bringing her down, and nothing to do with past life karma.

Of course, there are always other reasons why a life can seem bad, such as the loss of a loved one, being homeless, hungry, broke, being haunted, and the list goes on and on. Not all of it applies to karma, and a lot of the issues are simple ones that can be fixed, all starting with your mindset.

A rarer situation, is one where your life can be being brought down by an actual entity. Like I said, this doesn't happen too often, but I have seen it happen. His name was Kevin and he was a sophomore in college. He had always been known for his amazing spirit, attitude, behavior, positivity and giving sense of being. Being a negative person was just not in the cards for him at all, but he was still feeling a darkness he couldn't explain which was ruining his college experience. He had come to me a few times asking me about this - and I knew that it wasn't his mindset, and I knew that it wasn't past life karma because that is something that would be in a reading first and foremost. It was not there.

So I did some energy digging, but didn't have to dig too far until I realized there was an entity attached to his spirit. This was a darker entity, and had been with him only sense his cousin had committed suicide a few months earlier. His grades had been falling, he couldn't sleep, he didn't have an appetite, literally nothing would go right for him. He couldn't even order food from a restaurant because they just simply would be out of what he ordered. Nothing went right for him.

With intense energy work, we were able to get this entity off of him, and protect him. It was like magic. His grades went right back up, no bad luck anymore, his love life blossomed. It really was amazing.

As you can tell by now, there are so many different reasons why a life can feel bad, and there is always a way to make your life better again, most starting with just a simple change in your mindset. Choose to be happy and positive no matter what, and you will see your life shift for the better.

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