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Why is our true history hidden from us?

I have written about a lot of the important history that is hidden from us in the past. It's a lot to take in, and even posting about it got my brand censored on Facebook and Instagram. Today I want to go more into why our history is being hidden from us.

I want to first bring up a few examples of what my other post mentioned, just to bring it up fresh, to get it on your mind, in efforts to better bring me to my point. For example, the ancient tree stumps bigger than mountains. It's right there in our face and you can't hide from it. Another example is the fossilized human footprints walking side by side with dinosaurs. Yet dinosaurs went extinct about 45 million years ago or so. We are taught that humans aren't that old, supposedly we barely came into existence around 7 million years ago. Then how are there fossilized footprints walking side by side? It doesn't make sense. The giant skeletons of New Mexico that were found in the 1900's, those were hidden from us, taken out of the papers, and squashed. Truthers try to bring it up, bring awareness to it, and we are shut down, censored and banned in most cases. But why?

There is no easy answer to this. As mentioned in my other article about hidden history, religion, laws, and false history are there to dumb us down as a people. If we really knew our history, if we really knew where we came from, we would be a stronger people as a whole. Enlightened to who we really are, and with that wisdom comes power. The world as it is set up right now is a system of failure. You aren't supposed to succeed, and if you do, you give most of it to the world government through taxes and such. There have been those that have tried to fight the system, and these are the people that end up going missing. You may have read in one of my previous posts that lately there has been a black car that sits outside my home every since I posted that true history update. After I posted that blog post, the car has no longer been around, but my home video security lights keep coming on inside the house, when those cameras aren't even active unless I'm not home. They still come on, and it brings a feeling of being violated with it. Anyhow, we are fed a false history so we won't know our true potential.

That wisdom has always been kept from us, locked away in the Vatican archives. For this very reason the Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground. To wipe that true history from the Earth forever, in efforts to dumb down society and rule the people. Caesar is the person responsible for that. Some say he was the first Anti-Christ, including the legendary Nostradamus, simply because he is solely the reason we don't have that knowledge any longer. The day that library was burnt to the ground was the day we died as a species. Some say that the remains of the scrolls that didn't burn are in the Vatican archives to this day, but why isn't that information revealed to us, the public?

That reason is because the remnants of the scrolls revealed the truth about religion, and it's contents are enough to bring down the #1 money making religion of all time: Catholicism. It is such a corrupt world that we live in, that we may never know our true history. Where did we come from, what are we capable of, do we have family in the stars? These are all questions that have been on my mind for the longest time. I have always known and felt that we are older than we are taught. I have always known that we in no way came from monkeys. I have always felt that much of the world is hidden from us. How is it that the whole Universe is mapped, but we haven't explored 90% of our own oceans? Some say that there are cities under our oceans. Are they extra-terrestrial, or have they always been here. Are we the real aliens? How is it that there is absolutely zero human like species on earth? Yet you can find dozens of different kinds of horses, alligators, flies, monkey's and everything else? Humans are the only form of our kind on Earth, or at least that is what we are taught.

Are UFO's really extra-terrestrials? Are they drones? Do they belong to the Government? If so, why hasn't that information been released? It gives you a lot to think about. Personally, I feel it's a mixture of all the above. Some are drones, it's true. Some are Government owned, there have been whistle blowers that have come out with this information, and yes. Some are actual extra-terrestrials however are they really from under our oceans, and deep under the Earth? There is photo evidence of an underground entry way off the coast of California, I will include the picture below. There have been several reports of UFO's flying up out of the water above it. Is this an underground alien base, or is it what most people think it is: an underground military base that we are made to think is aliens. It has long been thought that the government works hand in hand with extra-terrestrials. (I believe they are from right here on Earth). Technology is traded for human sampling and testing. This isn't just conspiracy theory, there are declassified documents out there that talk about this. It's really scary.

Perhaps we are lied to because the truth is too scary or too large to comprehend. Perhaps it is all about controlling the people. I don't feel that anything is too vast to comprehend for us, if we were just given the chance. We need to know who we are. It makes all the sense in the world why the Vatican hides it's information, the Catholic church would cease to exist because the plain truth is religion was created to control the people. To give a specific set of laws to follow, telling you an all powerful God that sits up in the clouds will jolt you with lightning, or condemn you to burn for all eternity if you break the rules. Can't you see this? We are lied to since we are born, it kills that deep connection we have to the Universe. We are spiritual beings, there is so much potential right inside of us. We are taught the pineal gland is absolutely function-less. That it has no purpose. Every part of the human body has a purpose, or it wouldn't be there. The pineal glad is a very special organ in the center of our brains. It's use is intuition, extra sensory perception, energy control, astral projection and such.

It is praised and put on a pedestal in all of ancient society and writings. It's symbol is the pine cone. I will include some pictures, but this is hidden from us. We aren't taught about it because if we were to learn our true potential, the government truly would be powerless.

As you can see, there is a lot more going on in the world than you were taught, and the more you dig, the more you find out that we are living in a dust pile compared to what the Earth used to be. When everything has been killed, used as resources, hidden, burnt to the ground, corroded for the Elites benefit - it's just sad. We can do something about it. Spread the truth, fall down the rabbit hole and see how deep it goes. The truth is hidden from us in plain sight. It's time for us to open our eyes to the reality of the fact nothing we are taught is factual. To learn the truth, open your mind and do your research. Not all truthers are nuts, some of us actually know what we are talking about. This is one reason I launched the Forum section of this platform yesterday. I wanted to provide people a place to discuss these things, a place away from the censorship of Facebook where everything you do is monitored, everything you say is flagged, and your data is sold to Corporate Analytica. No, step out of that shadow, share what you know so other people can learn. We are a strong people, it's time to stand our ground and learn who we really are, and what we are capable of.

Look at what is happening all over social media right now, the whole Storm Area 51 thing. This wouldn't be happening if nothing was hidden from us. Granted, the military in no way is going to allow Area 51 to be stormed. They have secret sonic weapons that can take out huge crowds of people all at once. The message is clear though, we demand to know more. We won't put up with secrets any longer. The time has come that we know who we are, what we can do, where we came from and so on. It all starts with an open mind. You are stronger than you realize, so do some research, share what you know, because the day is coming when we wake up, and see the world for what it is, it's potential, instead of the lies that are fed to us.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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