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Why you shouldn't stereotype all psychics...

Let's face it - we have all heard horror stories about scam psychics who tell a bunch of made of nonsense, charge a ton of money, and end up ruining someones lives. I hear about it all the time, and one of the things my new clients tell me they are worried about is being lied to, led on to get their hopes up about something only for it not to happen.

That is a perfectly understandable fear. The stereotypical psychic is the person that claims to have psychic powers, sits around a crystal ball and tarot cards, makes up a whole bunch of stuff to tell the person, charge and repeat. It is sad, but the psychic field is frowned upon by many people and beliefs. In this article, I want to go over some situations I have been through regarding being stereotyped, as well as giving my opinion why not all of us in this profession deserve to be labeled negatively.

I barely launched this website back in September of 2018, yet I have been giving readings for much longer. The reason I started this website was to give you, the client and/or reader an inside look at my life as a psychic. Some things I have to go through, and to show you that there are real psychics. It was my sight that showed me that starting a blog going over these issues I face, will open your eyes to the fact that yes, scam psychics suck, but I am not one of them. So the stereotype that I face is unfair.

Just earlier today for example, I was giving a reading to a new client. He was a new client and had ordered a ten question reading. I could tell that this man was a complicated man, an angry man and this reading wouldn't go well with him. I could feel that before I even started the reading, but being a new client - I gave it the benefit of the doubt and proceeded with the reading anyhow. I was half way done, and he sent me a cancellation request simply because he read on my website that the readings were typed up, not over the phone or in person. He had been told by each and every psychic that in order to give an accurate reading, it couldn't just be typed up. So he used that stereotype against me, cussed me out, called me a few names - and had me cancel the order. I thanked him for his opinion and moved on. Yet underneath, it bothered me because it doesn't matter how near or far you are from a person. Energy is energy, and my readings don't require me to be in person or over the phone.

That was just one example of a stereotype I face. I get told all the time that by charging clients for readings is unethical. That my abilities should come free to everyone who asks. That charging people was scamming them. This has been one of the more consistent things I have to face as a professional psychic. It bothers me. It is like an artist not charging for their work that they complete with their talents, or a musician for their talents. We all have talents, and if you use them for the public, why shouldn't you charge? We all have a life, and those lives requires us to have an income. So I use my talent to support my family. There is no harm in that whatsoever - and that is a stereotype that I absolutely think is so negative. Just because someone charges for the use of their talent, doesn't mean they are scammers.

This doesn't mean that there aren't scammers out there that do this. The ones who don't have a real gift, and charge just for the sake of scamming. That is wrong, and I understand that there are a lot of them out there. They give the few real ones a horrible reputation. As a result, people like me have to deal with the hate, judgement, criticism and such. I have never doubted my natural abilities. I let my reviews speak for themselves. Yet when it comes to being a professional psychic, these are just a few of the things I do have to face.

About ten years ago, I was in a complicated legal situation regarding the custody of my now 12 year old son. His mother is a real piece of work - and it is sad to say that because there was a time she was a good person. This is why I ended up divorcing her - however - in court I was discredited because of my profession. The income has never been a problem. She was a horribly negative person, and has had her karma for that. She ended up losing both of her children. However, being a professional psychic wasn't seen as credible, and I was publicly embarrassed in front of the court room. That was over a decade ago, and I have learned to more tolerate the stereotype judgment, yet it is something that will never end. It will never die out - the fakes will always be there, and a part of that is those of us genuine talents have to suffer from it.

The point of this article is that it is always important to strike up a conversation with your psychic before the reading, if you are a new client. Getting to know your psychic allows your natural intuition to get a feel for them. Start off slow. Get a one question reading at first just to make sure you are satisfied with the product. Once you get to know how that psychic operates, their accuracy and their personality, you will know if you are being scammed most of the time. As for me, you can get to know me through my blogs. I post every day, all being true experiences I have had to go through as a professional psychic.

There are literally thousands of reviews you can go through of mine because I give my clients one hundred percent of my time. From the second I get up in the morning, to the second I go to sleep - often times only getting a few hours of sleep per night. I do this on top of taking care of my family. My husband does a great job at keeping up the house, shopping and other things I am unable to do. Luckily, he realizes that this is my calling, he has seen my abilities first hand for years. He knows how attached I am to each and every single one of you.

Here on RVP you know you are getting an authentic reading, yet on other platforms just be careful. Stereotyping a psychic (or anyone for that matter) before you even get to experience them and/or know them, is not only painful to them as a person, but is also preventing you from a possible reading that could change your life. So always keep an open mind.

Do you agree with me? Leave your opinion in the comments below, and share this article with your friends/family. Thank you.

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