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XXXTentacion: The Spirit Communication Session

It was June 30th of 2018, and I had received a session request from a woman named Kacy. She was in severe distress and needed a spirit communication done on someone close to her who had just died named Jahseh Onfroy, born on January 23rd of 1998.

She didn't initially give me anything but her name, her questions and his name, and based on that, I was able to connect to this energy. The first thing that came to me was this man had been murdered. It was a robbery - there were motorcycles involved - and I was shown this little pouch that was taken from him after he was shot.

I saw that this person was more of a violent one in life - yet after death I feel is very much at peace, and has received a great amount of love since then. This energy had music all over it, and I kept on being shown a huge 'X'. One of the things I was shown when connecting to Jahsen was a long dark cloak, and a dagger. I asked Kacy if this made sense to her, and she was shocked. She said that he used to refer to himself to his friends as the 'Cloak and Dagger'. This was just another confirmation that I was in fact connected.

Part of the spirit communication was a direct question from Kacy to him, which was what could she do to comfort him after his death. His answer was to never let him be forgotten. He showed me this music, and up until that point I had never heard of him personally.

His professional name was XXXTentacion - and was already changing the music industry until his untimely death. He let me know this was not an accident - and this is not the first time someone had tried to take his life. This was a robbery, he was able to show me that clearly, with three distinctive people responsible for it.

He showed me these sad memories of his - he was always a fighter, that was made very clear to me. He showed me this choir that he was a part of in school - he was really talented. He showed me a scene of him attacking another boy from the choir and was kicked out of it as a direct result. This bothered him because he loved the music, and had shown me he didn't like the violence. It was just a part of who he was in life.

Another memory he had shown me was of him stabbing a man for attacking his mother. He didn't have a great childhood, and I knew he wasn't raised by his mother. His grandmothers energy was all around him - she loved him and he loved her.

I relayed these messages to Kacy - and she was immediately brought to tears. She knew I had made a solid connection - I was able to tell her things that weren't even made public at that time, such as the little pouch that was taken from him - which later ended up being revealed in the news.

I had told Kacy of the depressing energy that he had carried in life. He never felt that he fit in anywhere. The fact that even though he loved music, he was actually very quiet, which is something not a lot of people knew about him.

This spirit connection changed Kacy's life, and her exact 5 star review for this session is below:

Kacy then went on to create a fan page for XXXTentacion, and has told many people about her spirit contact with him. She now gets readings frequently, not always a spirit communication, but the fact is this has changed her life. She never believed in spirit communications before, and was always taught they were either fake or evil. Her eyes are now open to the fact that they are neither fake nor evil. It is nature, and her life has a layer of comfort knowing she never has to be lonely. She can talk to him any time she wants to.

Spirit communications are very real - and this is just one example of many times a session has changed someones life for the better. Jahseh was a talented person - and was able to make it known that his spirit lives on through his music and memories.

* I understand that he was a violent man in life as mentioned several times throughout this post - I am not giving him credit in any way for the wrong things he has done. This is a blog post based solely on a client psychic medium session that I have completed - and wanted to give the account of this specific session and experience. That is all.

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