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Energy Cord Cutting

Every person we come across in life leaves an energy imprint on us. Whether it be our parents, family, friends, lovers, sexual partners, attackers, enemies or what. These people leave an energy impression on us. 


Do you feel that you are in need of an energy cord cutting? What I do, is we connect to your energy, as well as the specific energy of the person or energy you want separated from energetically. I tune right into that exact connection, and I break it. This leads to less thoughts about that person, if any at all. This applies to dreams, feelings, thoughts and emotions. This energy cord cutting takes care of all of it. Secure your energy cord cutting session today.


After your checkout, you will be forwarded to your receipt page. On this page, you will need to fill out your session requirements. This includes your name, email address,  the name of anyone else involved, as well as any information you would like to include before the cutting is completed. All sessions are completed in the order they come in, usually within 24 hours. You will be notified via email when your session is complete, as well as what exactly was done. Thank you.

Energy Cord Cutting

  • Accepting New Clients

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