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Love Charged Quartz

Love. Not everyone gets the fortune of finding it in life. It can be so hard to connect to someone, only to end up losing them and having to start over. Eventually we can get to a point where we give up. The same applies to those who have already found love. We can worry about losing it constantly. Is there really a way to make that pure love energy flow in your life without the bad karma of spells or potions? Yes, there finally is.


RVP is excited to announce our new love charged quartz pieces. Crystals are mined straight from a quartz mine in India, where they are shipped directly to me. After you place your order, I then take a piece of this crystal in my hand, and push pure love energy into it. This crystal is then shipped to you discreetly in a black envelope via USPS First Class Shipping to ensure your privacy. Keep this crystal with you at all times to make that love energy flow more solidly, allowing that pure love to never leave. It will be drawn to you like a magnet when you carry this crystal.


Love charged crystals make excellent gifts for other people as well. They don't have to be just for you, just be sure to include in your order details the purpose of the crystal. That will help push in the right energy. See the change you want, secure that love in your life by ordering your love charged crystal today.


Size and colors of quartz pieces may very depending on what is shipped to me from the mine. Crystals are not shaped, cut or colored. They are in their most natural form, exactly as I receive them. Orders are shipped out within 48 hours of the time they are received. Delivery times may vary depending on where you live. Share with your friends and family!


RVP Platform offers free shipping on all crystals along with a free gift as well!

Love Charged Quartz

  • Return Policy:

    All sales are final with the charged crystals. Refunds and returns are not provided. Thank you.

  • Note:

    Orders include one charged quartz crystal piece. Sizes, shapes and colors may vary. Actual quartz pieces may have chips or dings, yet they are shipped in their most natural form, exactly as they come from the quartz mine. You will feel it's energy immediately.

  • Accepting New Clients

    The RVP Platform is always accepting new clients and is now available 24/7. No matter your needs, you are not alone. Secure your session today.

  • Refund Policy

    All sessions take real energy and time, therefore I have a no refund policy. Thank you for understanding.

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