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Protection Charged Quartz

Nobody likes to be weighed down by the negative energies in life. No matter what we do, there is always going to be someone that directs that negative energy towards us, or something in life that is weighing us down. Whether it is Mercury Retrograde, bad situations, negative people or circumstances, black magic or what, we can all use protection in life. 


RVP now provides energy charged quartz crystals for protection. These quartz pieces are mined from India, shipped straight to me, and are charged with protection energy specific to you and your life (or the person the crystal is ordered for). This protective energy shields you from further harm from negative energies. It creates a protective and safe environment wherever it is. When you place your order, you are asked to provide any further details you need me to know before charging the crystal. I then single handedly take the crystal in my hand, and press that protection into it. The crystal is then shipped to you via a discreet black envelope to ensure your privacy, along with a typed up report about what was done. 


These protection crystals also make great gifts! Get one for that special someone in your life as well! Crystals are charged and shipped within 48 hours of purchase via USPS First Class Shipping. One charged quartz piece per order. Sizes and colors of the crystal will vary. All are naturally formed in a cave in India, and have not been polished, shaped or carved. They are in the condition they come in when I get them. 


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Protection Charged Quartz

  • Return Policy:

    All sales are final with the charged crystals. Refunds and returns are not provided. Thank you.

  • Note:

    Orders include one charged quartz crystal piece. Sizes, shapes and colors may vary. Actual quartz pieces may have chips or dings, yet they are shipped in their most natural form, exactly as they come from the quartz mine. You will feel it's energy immediately.

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    The RVP Platform is always accepting new clients and is now available 24/7. No matter your needs, you are not alone. Secure your session today.

  • Refund Policy

    All sessions take real energy and time, therefore I have a no refund policy. Thank you for understanding.

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