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Relationship Energy Cleanse

In a relationship, there are energies that build up over time - some good and some bad. The fact is we go through a lot in search of love, and when we find it, we work even harder to keep it. We hold in some things we want to say, we try to change for the other person - but it doesn't always go right.


We start to fight, bicker, argue, have negative thoughts at times. We wonder if they are having negative thoughts about us, or are losing interest. These are horrible emotions for people to have to go through in a relationship. So, with a relationship energy cleanse, I connect to not only your energy and your partners energy, but also the energy going on between you two. I do a full sweep and take out all those negative thoughts, emotions, energies and so on. This has been known to really bring back those special feelings and sparks back into relationships. It also has been known to help stop that arguing and negativity all the way around. 


So don't wait, secure your relationship energy cleanse today and see what a difference it will make in your relationship. After your checkout, you will be forwarded to your receipt page. You will be able to fill out your session requirements, which are your name, email address, and your information. After you submit the requirements, I will get started on your session. All sessions are completed in the order they come in, usually within 24 hours. You will be notified by email when your session is complete, along with what exactly was done. Thank you.

Relationship Energy Cleanse

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