The Adam and Eve Story

Written by Chan Thomas

You are taught you are a version of a monkey, only six thousand years old. This is the new age, the age of deceit. The reality is that mankind is over a billion years old. Zeus, Jesus, Osiris, Vishnu - they are all real people of their time. Atlantis - it's all real ~ or at least it was. The fact is the Earth goes through cycles of polar shifts. It literally wipes out the Earth as it's known at the time within 7 hours at the most. Winds a thousand miles an hour. Waves miles high in the air. Adam and Eve aren't who you are taught they are in your religion. Adam is really Eve's father? It's true but it doesn't stop there.


Adam is a survivor of the cataclysm that happened around eleven thousand years ago. His wife Lilith died in the change, their daughter Eve, being of Adams flesh and blood as taught in the Bible brought us to the age of Noah, six and a half thousand years ago, the last cataclysm. These cycles happen every six to seven thousand years and we are now in the time of it happening again. Sounds crazy right? Then why did the CIA take the book written by Chan Thomas in 1945 and classify it for over 40 years? When it was written, it had 265 pages. When it was sanitized by the CIA and reclassified it had only 57 pages. 

Click here to see the sanitized version. You can search the original version of The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas online all you want. The rare versions that exist are in vaults, hidden to the public. I have searched really hard to find an uncensored version of the 1965 original, yet without spending thousands of dollars I cannot attain it. Below is the re-released version by Chan Thomas himself. He went through a different publisher and was able to get most that information out to the public again.  The page counter below shows 120 pages, however each page is doubled as you will see. So it does equal out to almost the full original 1965 version of 265 pages.


Share it with your Facebook groups. Share it with your family because knowledge is power. This is your history, this is our future and it's about to happen again.